NORTH REDINGTON BEACH — When Town Attorney Jay Daigneault administered the oath of office to Commissioners Corey Thornton and Kevin Kennedy at the March 12 town hall meeting, the board of commissioners looked exactly the same as it did before the swearing in.

Both commissioners ran unopposed, so no election was necessary. Thornton, commissioner seat 3, was originally appointed to replace Ted Dahl when he retired in 2019, making this installation the start of his second term. Kennedy was first elected to seat 4 in 2013, and now begins his fourth term in office.

Mayor Bill Queen congratulated both on their reelections before suggesting that the areas of responsibility remain the same for everyone on the commission for the coming year. The commissioners voted unanimously 5-0 to retain the following areas of responsibility: Richard Bennett as vice mayor, Gary Curtis as supervisor of public works, Kennedy as supervisor of public safety, and Thornton as supervisor of building.

Commissioners also received updates regarding undergrounding, construction regarding both the new public works building and Redington Village, and the postponement of the movie in the park.

Mayor to propose undergrounding to BIG-C

Queen said he would propose undergrounding at the next Barrier Islands Governmental Council meeting. Using Penny for Pinellas sales tax funds over a period of 2020-2030, Queen said he would recommend completing undergrounding of utilities, particularly for all the Redingtons along Gulf Boulevard. He said the combined cost for North Redington Beach, Redington Beach and Redington Shores going in together on the project would cost between $5 million and $6 million.

North Redington Beach still needs to do undergrounding on the west side of Gulf Boulevard.

“We (NRB) are going to need to get easements (signed) for placement of transformer boxes,” he said.

Construction updates

In the next few months, construction will begin on the new public works complex.

“The sewer lift station goes in first,” Queen said. “It will have the footprint of the current building that is being demolished; then the fire station will be next (to be built).”

The general contractor work is nearly completed at Redington Village, so that the exterior work should be finished the end of April. Each business will be responsible for its own inside construction and is estimated to open late summer.

Postponement of movie in the park

Although the movie in the park at North Redington Beach was canceled due to inclement weather, a new date will be forthcoming. The town has to reschedule for a date within one year in order to avoid forfeiting the event.