REDINGTON SHORES – Town commissioners may buy an LED message board as part of their budget plans for the next fiscal year.

Commissioner Michael Robinson said May 30 the proposed budget line for emergency management was increased from $35,000 to $65,000 because town officials have been talking about acquiring the LED sign, allowing them to alert residents in times of emergencies and also about meetings and other town activities.

The cost of the board is expected to be $12,000 to $30,000.

Commissioners said the location of the sign could be in front of Town Hall or along Gulf Boulevard in the middle of town.

Robinson said he appreciated all the suggestions and analysis work that the Financial Advisory Committee did on the budget.

Chris Henderson, chairman of the financial advisory committee, and other commissioners spoke in support of using $50,000 in the $100,000 stormwater fund to replace lines and provide regular services and keeping $50,000 in the budget for emergencies.

Commissioners also talked briefly about park improvements.

“Constitution (park) needs a big overhaul, also,” said Commissioner Tom Kapper. “Nothing serious, but just needs an overhaul.”

Henderson said on behalf of the financial advisory committee he thinks the budget review process this year was a lot better than it has been in the past.

“We got a good collection of folks on the committee, and I think overall I was very, very pleased with the outcome of that session,” Henderson said.

Henderson was asked how the budget compares to the current year’s. He said he would distribute to the commission a revised worksheet of figures in the capital improvement fund, general fund and other funds.

“But overall, you are not going to be seeing anything shocking about the budget for next year,” he said. “We have some projects, some initiatives where we are spending more money this year, but for the most part they are capital in nature and probably much needed improvements to the town.”

In a related topic, town officials are getting help from a member of the financial advisory committee to analyze their sewer fund. They want to make sure they have significant reserves set aside.

“If you take a look at the most significant asset the town has, one that can cost us the most money if it is not invested in properly, which we are seeing first-hand now, it’s the sewer fund,” Henderson said.

The total proposed budget is $2.16 million. The financial advisory committee’s final review and recommendations to the commission is slated for Wednesday, June 20. The commission is expected to approve the proposed tax and tentative budget Wednesday, July 11.

In other matters

Commissioner Jeff Neal said he expects that the new Veterans Park on the west side of Gulf Boulevard in front of the La Vistana condominium development will be completed within the budget for the project, $50,000.

Former Mayor Bert Adams and Commissioner Lee Holmes devised an inscription for a plaque on a boulder that Neal and his wife bought for the park:

“Redington Shores Veterans Park is dedicated to those who fought and continue to fight now and in the future to protect the freedoms that we enjoy.”

“I looked at that and I thought it was pretty nice,” Neal said.

Commissioners indicated they were satisfied with progress on the park thus far.

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