Alfredo “Freddie” Lozano,

Alfredo “Freddie” Lozano, a former operations systems analyst, is the new clerk of the Town of Indian Shores.

INDIAN SHORES – The new town clerk has more than 20 years of experience working with computers in various capacities, but he never worked in government until now.

Alfredo “Freddie” Lozano is a former operations systems analyst and a graduate of Tampa Technical Institute with an associate’s degree in computer information science.

As soon as Stephanie Waters resigned as town clerk this past January, the town of Indian Shores began its search to fill the position. Former Town Clerk Elaine Jackson temporarily came out of retirement to pitch in until a replacement could be found.

According to Susan Scrogham, director of finance and personnel, Indian Shores received 10 applications and interviewed four candidates before hiring Lozano.

Scrogham included Police Chief Terry Hughes, Building Official Greg Yantorno, and Town Administrator Bonnie Dhonau on the interview team.

“It was unanimously agreed that Freddie (Lozano) would be the best fit for our team and that his skillset would make a great foundation for the career of a town clerk,” said Scrogham in her recommendation memo to hire Lozano.

When asked about Lozano during a recent interview, Mayor Pat Soranno said, “Freddie (Lozano) has transferable skills and is detail-oriented.” Soranno, adding that Lozano came highly recommended by the town’s computer consultant.

Scrogham connected Lozano with a Florida Association of City Clerks’ program, where he has been allied with a mentor. Additionally, former Jackson has been available to provide on-site backing as needed.

Recently, Lozano attended the Florida Association of City Clerks’ summer conference, June 10-13, and will be attending the FACC’s fall academy Oct. 13-18. Scrogham believes that all of these factors will help support Lozano “achieve success in his new career as town clerk.”

The town officially hired Lozano at the Administrative and Finance Committee meeting on March 6 with a start date of March 26. Lozano was hired at the entry level salary of $53,590 annually.

Lozano was born in the Philippines and moved to Racine, Wisconsin, when he was in the 4th grade. Lozano’s dad worked for Coca Cola as a plant engineer and ultimately moved the family to the United States in 1979.

Currently, Lozano lives in Seminole and has been a Florida resident for more than 20 years since he began attending Tampa Technical Institute. Lozano has a 5-year-old Chihuahua named “Coco,” which keeps him busy. When Lozano is not working, he loves to bake, fly drones, do gardening, go kayaking, and hike along nature trails.

Lozano said that he loves his job.

“Working with the staff, the Town Council, and the residents of Indian Shores is great,” said Lozano. “They all inspire me on how well they all work together.”