Indian Shores Town Hall

The Indian Shores Municipal Building

INDIAN SHORES — With the mayor under quarantine and the extension of the governor’s executive order allowing an exemption to physical quorum requirements due to COVID-19, the Nov. 10 Indian Shores Town Council meeting was conducted as a hybrid in-person and Zoom meeting.

Two contracts from Convergint Technologies, one for panic alarms and one for security cameras, were unanimously accepted 5-0 by the council. Town Administrator Bonnie Dhonau secured quotes on cameras for both inside and outside the building and panic buttons for various locations throughout the building.

The cost of the panic buttons as well as additional pendants on lanyards is $4,901.34, including a three-year parts and labor warranty. An additional $600 per year will be for monitoring services.

The cost of 27 security cameras, eight inside and 19 outside, with recording capability is $44,127.70. The security camera contract also included the same three-year parts and labor warranty as the panic button contract.

Dhonau said that the town of Indian Shores has been utilizing the services of Convergint Technologies for the maintenance and support of the town’s key-card access system. Convergint’s positive track record of service and support was a mitigating consideration in the town’s acceptance of the new contracts.

The security cameras and panic buttons were provided for in the fiscal year 2020-2021 Capital Improvement Budget and these contracts were substantially lower than budgeted. “These quotes are $10,370.96 under budget,” Dhonau said.

In other news

• Indian Shores Police Capt. Glen Smith earned a pay raise from $73,042 to $83,000.

Chief Rick Swann reminded the council that Smith, who was hired in May 2019, “accepted a lower starting salary for the remainder of the 2019 fiscal year to assist in bringing the budget into line.” He credited Smith with an “outstanding performance” as the department’s second-in-command.

In October 2020, Swann had staff contact five local police departments for commensurate salary information. Smith’s raise came in accordance with that information and his superior performance and lower starting salary.

“The requested increase to $83,000 remains at the low end of the ‘local mean’ salary; however, it does create a much more competitive salary for his position and level of responsibility,” Swann said.

Mayor Patrick Soranno concurred, saying that there was a “dramatic positive change” in the department, and that the raise was “well-warranted for a fabulous job.”

• The Town Council unanimously agreed to proceed with the town’s tree lighting event and the December boat parade watch party. Both events are only approved as long as they are subject to and meet CDC guidelines, including social distancing and mask wearing.