Treasure Island Art Guild members Mary Howe, Verna McClain, Jerry Palmer, and Zenwar are exhibiting their work at the Treasure Island Community Center in the last show of the season through May 23.

Howe, an artist whose “spiritual nature is best expressed through her art and the creative process,” scripts the character of our changing seasons with acrylics “Forest Delight” and an “Early Winter,” while a “Winter Solace” glistens. An abstract “Holy Space” garners a suggestion that “‘in the beginning, God.’”

Saturated hues and dramatic value contrasts with acrylics in “Fruits and Flowers” and a glowing “Sunset at O’Maddy’s” best describes the work of fine artist McClain. Experience a modern art interpretation of a “Sunday at the Park with Matisse” and the tranquility of rolling, countryside hills in “French Meander.”

The character of pastels shines in artist Palmer’s “George,” whose demeanor translates into “there’s no place I’d rather be” as he poses on a beach bathed in luminous complements. Poetry in motion defines the meandering pattern of a juniper tree in “American Southwest.” While a “Spunky Navajo” captures the viewers’ eye, an oil portrait of a tranquil “Larry” calms the spirit.

Learning new techniques and challenges is a driving force behind the artistry of Zenwar. Acrylics “To the Coop” and “Flowers” are awash with soft edges, glazing and transparency, simulating a watercolor effect. The realism of “Crop-dusters” speaks to a more contemporary approach while “Bird” leans toward the abstract.”

The Treasure Island Community Center is located on 106th Avenue just east of Gulf Boulevard. Call 727-547-4575 for hours of operation.