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Shown is an artist’s rendition of Redington Village as seen from Gulf Boulevard.

NORTH REDINGTON BEACH — After years of lying vacant, the old Wine Cellar property is about to take on new life.

On July 9, civic officials and developers gathered to break ground for the new Redington Village development. The 15,000-square-foot development consists of two buildings and will contain seven businesses, six of which have already committed.

The property is on Gulf Boulevard at 174th Avenue. The portion nearest to 174th is located in Redington Shores while the larger portion is in North Redington Beach.

North Redington Beach Mayor Bill Queen said the development means a lot to the Redingtons.

“It is going to be beautiful,” he said. “It is going from a vacant lot to a very viable commercial business. It will enhance our town, not only in the arena of serving people, but just taking that lot and making something happen, something beautiful and functional.”

Belleair Shore Mayor Bob Schmidt was on hand as the owner of the land and the development.

“Several years ago we bought this property and envisioned a great development here,” he said. “It has been a long time coming.”

Developer Allen Goins put together the deals that brought nearly a full house to the new property. For the first time, all the new tenants were revealed.

Facing Gulf Boulevard will be three businesses, Dunkin’ Donuts, Marco’s Pizza and Burrito Social, a new Puerto Rican chain that will specialize in Latin foods.

Then there is also a nail salon, Edin Nails, another restaurant, Bistro Sushi, and Studio 400 Spa. There is just one vacancy in the project and Goins said he feels that will likely be filled before the development is open by the end of the year.


Dignitaries prepare to break ground for Redington Village, a new commercial development in Redington Shores and North Redington Beach. From left are MaryBeth Henderson, mayor of Redington Shores; Sean Barber and Chris Culbertson of EMPAD Architecture; developer Allen Goins; developer Bob Schmidt; North Redington Beach Mayor Bill Queen; Redington Beach Mayor Nick Simons and Pinellas County Commissioner Kathleen Peters

The completion of the project will be a welcome sight for many residents of North Redington Beach. It will be a new beginning for a historical piece of property in the town.

“The Wine Cellar closed six years ago,” Queen said. “Before that it was a famous place. It goes back to the 1950s and has a lot of history to it.”

Queen explained that celebrities regularly hung out there, including Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe during their marriage.

“Nobody knew about it, so stars could come and not be bothered,” he said.

The commissions of both towns involved, North Redington Beach and Redington Shores, unanimously approved the development a while back. There was only one hitch: the Redington Shores contingent was concerned about traffic going into the Dunkin’ Donuts off 174th Avenue. The developers changed the configuration, and now there will be only a parking lot on the Redington Shores side. Access to Dunkin’ Donuts will be off Gulf Boulevard.

Schmidt made it clear that developers hoped to be finished with construction and have everything open by the end of the year, in time for the tourist season.

Goins said the project will create 60 full-time and part-time jobs. The cost of the development is $8 million.

The groundbreaking was something to be proud of, Queen said.

“It has been a long time coming,” he said. “It is a great addition to the Redingtons and it is something we can all share.”