MADEIRA BEACH – David Marsicano, the city’s longtime Marina and Public Works director, has resigned, just ahead of the release and discussion of an extensive forensic audit of the City Marina operation.

Marsicano’s departure came quickly. His resignation letter is dated December 26, 2018. He said in the letter his leaving would be “at the pleasure of the city and as early as December 27.” A handwritten notation on the letter said the resignation would be “effective on Jan. 4, 2019.”

Marsicano gives no reason in the letter for his decision to quit. He speaks of resigning “with a heavy heart and great frustration” and reflects on “a career full of challenges and successes.”

City Public Information Officer Curt Preisser, when asked by the Beacon why Marsicano resigned, simply said, “Mr. Marsicano handed his resignation letter in to the City Manager on the 26th of December, stipulating that his last day would be January 4th with the City of Madeira Beach. He’d been an employee for 17 years, in various positions within the city at Public Works and the Marina, and he will be missed.”

When questioned about the abruptness of the resignation and the timing just before the release of the audit of the Marina operation, Preisser said “the audit I have not seen, so I have no idea about it.” He went on, “I know that it was in draft form, and I know that it came back to the city for comment, the City Manager with the Finance Director went through it, made comments, and sent it back to the accounting firm.”

Upon further questioning, Preisser said, “I will tell you this. I’ve already had a public records request for a copy of the draft audit. Draft financials are exempt from Chapter 119, so they do not become public record until they’re actually final.”

Preisser called back several hours later to say that the audit would be the major topic discussed at the commission workshop scheduled for Jan. 22.