REDINGTON BEACH – Florida’s highway department will pay Redington Beach another $97,000 for landscape improvements along Gulf Boulevard.

The additional funds will be released to the town under an amended agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation approved by town commissioners Oct. 3.

Under the initial February 2017 agreement, the town received $23,000 from FDOT for maintenance and beautification of the stretch of Gulf Boulevard that runs through the community between 155th and 164th streets. Redington Beach has requested an additional $97,750 for the second phase of the project.

Total reimbursement will be $123,750. That amount is expected to cover the costs of design and installation of project materials and purchase and installation of plants.

Dispensaries: yes means no?

Is the wording clear for the medical marijuana referendum Redington Beach residents will vote on next month?

One resident says no. Richard Cariello told the Beach Beacon the language of the referendum question requires a “yes” vote if you don’t want medical marijuana dispensaries within the town. A “no” vote means you do.

The issue stems from a law passed by the state legislature that legalized dispensaries for medical marijuana after Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment legalizing the drug’s use for certain medical problems. However, the legislature gave local governments the ability to ban the dispensaries if zoning rules did not allow standard retail pharmacies.

This is how the ballot question reads, according to the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections office:

“Amending the Zoning Code to Prohibit Medical Marijuana Facilities

Shall the Town’s zoning code be amended to define medical marijuana facility and prohibit the operation of medical marijuana facilities within the Town?”

Mayor Nick Simons attempted to clarify the issue in the latest issue of the Redington Beach Reporter, the official town newsletter:

“The way the ballot question reads, is if you don’t want to see medical marijuana dispensaries in Redington Beach, you would vote yes. A no vote means there may be a possibility of a dispensary being located in Redington Beach.”

Some 66 percent of Redington Beach voters would have to approve the referendum for the ban to go into effect.

Simons notes the medical marijuana question is the last item on a very long ballot.

The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 6.