Ted Dahl

NORTH REDINGTON BEACH — Vice Mayor Ted Dahl delivered his handwritten letter of resignation to the town of North Redington Beach the afternoon of April 17. The resignation goes into effect May 9, the day of the next scheduled town hall meeting.

Dahl explained the reason for his departure in the letter. He and his wife of 53 years, Ann, sold their house in North Redington Beach and the couple will be moving to a condo outside of town. Being a resident of North Redington Beach is a prerequisite for sitting on the board, so the move makes it necessary for Dahl to resign even when the move may be only one beach town away.

“I enjoy working with the town and the people (of North Redington Beach),” said Dahl in a recent interview. “Downsizing to a condo is just a consequence of getting older.”

Dahl is in his fourth term on the Board of Commissioners. After serving the town 22 years, Dahl reflected on the 15 years he sat on Code Enforcement and Planning & Zoning committees before he was first elected to commissioner Seat 3 in 2012. Dahl has been vice mayor for the last six of his seven years on the board.

A long-time resident of North Redington Beach, Dahl worked in insurance and real estate in Massachusetts before retiring to Tampa Bay. Dahl first became interested in helping the town when he became acquainted with Joe Baldanza, another stalwart volunteer who encouraged him to become active on municipal committees. Then, when Commission Seat 3 became available due to Jerry Knight’s retirement from the board, Dahl ran for the office and won.

Since Dahl’s term expires next year, the board decided to proceed with the appointment process in order to fill the vacancy.

“The Town of North Redington Beach is accepting résumés from any qualified parties wishing to be considered for an appointment to the Board of Commissioners,” said Town Clerk Mari Campbell.

The appointment will be for the remaining term of commission Seat 3 ending in March 2020. Résumés may be submitted to the town clerk prior to noon on Friday, May 3. Interviews for qualified applicants will be held at a workshop meeting on May 8 at 1 p.m. and the appointment will be voted on at the regularly scheduled town hall meeting on May 9.

To qualify, an applicant must be a resident of the Town of North Redington Beach, having been a permanent resident of the town for at least one year immediately prior to the date of filing the application for town office. Additionally, the applicant must be a citizen of the United States and of the State of Florida, and a duly qualified elector registered to vote in Pinellas County.

When Dahl was asked about someone else “filling his shoes” on the board, Dahl responded with humility and humor: “They are only a size 10 1/2."