TREASURE ISLAND — If you like a whodunnit, you’ll love Hernando Beach author Seth Sjostrom’s new murder mystery novel, set on Treasure Island.

Available April 1, Sjostrom is launching the first of his “Beach House Mysteries” book series with “Trouble on Treasure Island.”

Loaded with tourist landmarks, local hot spots and Gulf of Mexico scenery and wildlife, Sjostrom’s cozy beach mystery makes the Suncoast as much a character in the novel as the characters themselves.

"Trouble on Treasure Island” follows beach house property manager Kate Harper as she witnesses the prelude to murder. As the only eyewitness, she teams up with surfer-handyman Nick Mason to find the murderer before the murderer finds her.

Why did the author base this book in Treasure Island? 

“I love the beachfront vibe,” Sjostrom said. “To have the main character visit beach houses was the perfect vehicle for her to explore amazing locales and get into a little sleuthing trouble. As a (now) Floridian, I wanted to write about a location I could immerse myself and the readers. A place that tourists would recognize with enough nooks and crannies that only locals would know. The murder may have taken place after a run on the beach very near Caddy’s. Caddy’s is a location visited by the characters. A portion of the book was written from Caddy’s drinking a mimosa and staring out at the beach.”

A serial entrepreneur, adventurer and author, “Trouble on Treasure Island,” is Sjostrom’s 15th published novel.

In November, Sjostrom published his first children’s book, “Letters from Santa.”

As an avid reader who had an idea for his first mystery in middle school, Sjostrom dabbled in writing until he completed his first novel as an adult.

“I have always loved mysteries from the Three Investigators and the Hardy Boys to Sir Conan Arthur Doyle and Agatha Christie,” he said. “I take in things that I see in the world around me and the interpretation of a story emerges. It could be something that invokes anger, or joy or sadness, always with a tinge of justice interwoven in it.”

His literary influences include authors such as Nancy Naigle, Brad Thor and others.

Although male romance writers are a rare breed, he admired Nick Sparks and wanted a change of pace.

“I love writing, but murder scenes and gunfights don’t work for me during the holidays,” he said. “I am an admitted Hallmark nerd and inspiration struck. My first holiday romance was a bit cathartic for me when I was going through post-break-up emotions after a serious relationship.”

Sjostrom worked in health care for 25-plus years, helping colleges create and operate student health centers before getting bit by the writing bug in fifth grade and was always interested in crime and the legal system. He also volunteers for Hire Heroes USA and the Mel Greene Institute to Combat Human Trafficking. 

Sjostrom said he really enjoys living in Hernando Beach.

“I love living on the water, seeing the dolphins and the manatees — Florida is a great lifestyle,” he said.

Married with four children, he loves kayaking and paddle-boarding when he’s not attending writing-related events and conventions.

Sjostrom has a book-signing event set for April 2, noon-2 p.m., at Caddy’s Treasure Island.