INDIAN SHORES — The town’s building department customarily reviews, accepts and charges fees for permit applications in accordance with state and town codes, but did not provide for a fee for preliminary or final review when a plat change application was received — until now.

A resolution passed unanimously at the Jan.10 Town Council meeting to institute a fee for preliminary plat application review.

Previously the town did not account for “the entirety of services and expenses of the Building Department for processing, review and administration of the plats within the Town,” as stated in the resolution. The resolution included ratification of a fee for the preliminary review of plat applications of $850. 

A plat is often an abbreviation for “property line maps” to diagram where one person’s property ends and another begins. These plats outline how property is divided in the county and/or town, keeping property owners from trespassing on each other’s land. The lots are set up to comply with zoning rules and to provide access to utilities.

Since the plat applications had previously been done by the town gratis, there was some question if it could be enacted retroactively. Mayor Patrick Soranno explained that it could not. “It goes into effect now.”


Bike racks coming

The council voted unanimously to accept a donation of $3,888 for two bicycle racks for public use at the Mayor James J. Lawrence Veterans Memorial Park. Signstar of Tampa will be the vendor installing the bicycle racks in the existing “Bike Parking” space next to the handicap parking space in Tiki Gardens. This also includes installing bronze donor recognition plaques for benches, trash receptacles, bike racks and Halo lighting on the monument arch in the park.


Ordinances get second reads

Last month the two ordinances that passed on their first reading regarding establishing updated parameters of the town administrator and chief of police positions passed again on their second and final reading and public hearing. Both passed unanimously and without public comment.

Once those ordinances passed, the council unanimously agreed to the adoption of job descriptions for the police chief and town clerk. Approval of the job description for the town administrator was tabled.


March meetings rescheduled

Council voted unanimously to reschedule the regular town meetings of Tuesday, March 14, to Wednesday, March 15, due to the Municipal Election Day being held on March 14. A special town council meeting will be scheduled on Tuesday, March 28, to swear in the newly elected council.