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GULFPORT - Last year, while looking through discounted holiday decorations at Lowe’s after Christmas, Julie Stenstrom and her wife, Veronica Dasilva, found a large mailbox designed for letters to Santa.

“It was on sale, a really good deal, and the last one they had in the store,” Stenstrom said. “We didn’t go looking for it, but there it was. We looked at each other and said, ‘This might be fun.’”

If you own beachfront property in Redington Shores, you have probably received a letter from town officials urging you to install sea turtle-friendly lighting or pay a fine. Property owners quickly learn that bringing that lighting into compliance can be expensive. That's where the Sea Turtle Conservancy can help, offering a grant program to aid property owners pay for the special lighting.

GULFPORT — When ceramic artist Brenda McMahon moved to Gulfport in 2008, she discovered the city’s vibrant arts community. She was surprised to learn, though, that nobody had ever organized an open studio tour there.

McMahon knew that such a tour would be successful in Gulfport, which already enjoyed a thriving arts scene. So she decided to start one, and three years ago launched ArtJones.

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