REDINGTON BEACH — Town officials quickly dispatched the evening’s business Nov. 20, hearing an update on the renovations to Friendship Park and giving final approval to an ordinance banning live-aboards.

And they did it all in under five minutes.

By a 4-0 vote, with Commissioner Tom Dorgan absent, commissioners passed on second and final reading a ban on individuals living aboard any watercraft or using a vessel as a place of business within the waterways of the town. The ordinance also makes it unlawful for any unattended watercraft to be anchored or moored to a public marker or buoy or “beside waters of the town.”

A boat owner or operator may leave a vessel “at the waters edge” during daylight hours while the boat is in use.

The ordinance does not apply to commercial fishing vessels.

Commissioner Fred Steiermann, who had proposed the ordinance, said recent actions by the city of Madeira Beach to ban live-aboards had “forced our hand to be proactive and put this in place to protect ourselves.”

Earlier in the meeting, Commissioner Dave Will gave a brief report on the renovations planned for Friendship Park. He said the permits for the outfall pipe that is scheduled to be relocated are still being reviewed by Pinellas County environmental management officials. The Board of Adjustment was set to consider approval of the new concrete slab the next day, he added. A date has not been set for work at the park to begin.

Mayor Nick Simons concluded the session by noting he had asked Town Attorney Jay Daigneault to make a presentation on the Florida Sunshine Law at the Dec. 4 meeting. The mayor requested that commissioners and all members of town boards and committees attend.