From left, Indian Shores Police Chief Rick Swann, Capt. Glen Smith, council member Mike Petruccelli, council member Bill Smith, Melissa Hicks, officer Jason Hicks, Cpl. Shane Tindall, Vice Mayor Diantha Schear, council member Mike Hackerson, and Mayor Patrick Soranno celebrate the promotions of Hicks and Tindall.

INDIAN SHORES — For the first time since last March, the Indian Shores Town Council meeting took place completely in person at Town Hall on Feb. 9 rather than in a Zoom or hybrid meeting. Not only was the in-person setting a plus — although participants were masked and socially distanced — but also, police department promotions and the approval of the monument arch rendering contributed to the uplifting tone of the meeting.

“Things are looking up,” Mayor Patrick Soranno said as many attendees greeted one another with elbow-bumps. “It’s great to see people.”

Police Chief Rick Swann presented two officers, Shane Tindall and Jason Hicks, for promotion. “My goal is to build from within,” said the chief.

The council unanimously approved both promotions by a vote of 5-0 to go into effect Mar. 1. The chief told council members that both officers’ supervisors endorsed their promotions as well.

Master Patrol Officer Shane Tindall was promoted to the position of corporal, with an annual salary of $64,241. Swann told council members that Tindall has been with the Indian Shores department since 2011, and had previously been promoted to MPO in October 2019. Since September 2020, Tindall had been serving as acting corporal, exhibiting “sound judgement,” “supervisory and leadership skills,” and performing “in an exemplary manner,” Swann said. The chief presented him with his first official corporal’s stripe.

Officer Jason Hicks received his promotion to Master Patrol Officer, earning an annual salary of $51,238. Hicks has been in law enforcement for seven years and joined the Indian Shores department in June 2019. “Officer Hicks routinely volunteers to take on additional projects, always has a positive attitude, and routinely displays confidence and professionalism in stressful situations,” Swann said. When congratulating Hicks at the podium, Swann called Hicks’ wife, Melissa, who was in the audience, to come forward to be recognized in supporting her husband’s accomplishment.

Monument arch rendering approved

A concept for the town’s proposed monument arch was unanimously approved by a vote of 5-0. The accepted etched concept included local sea life and sea birds on the west side of the arch’s exterior, and local land animals and birds on the east exterior side of the arch, all depicted in the wildlife’s natural habitats. Three arch finish concepts had been previously presented to the Town Council workshop earlier that same day by artist Steve Graff and his representative, Sara Mullins.

The central portion of the monument entitled “Family Future” was approved at the November 2020 meeting. The central monument was designed to pay homage to the indigenous peoples who previously lived in what is now the Town of Indian Shores. With all the design renderings approved, the town will proceed to the next step of putting the project out to bid.