BELLEAIR — The town of Belleair is hosting a Hurricane Symposium on Wednesday, June 1, from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Belleair Town Hall auditorium.

According to event organizer Katherine Bleakly, the conference will feature guest speakers including property damage attorneys, Duke Energy officials, local fire rescue and emergency management personnel and a Q&A session.

“The Hurricane Symposium is designed to be an educational opportunity for residents regarding hurricane preparation,” Bleakly said. “We want residents to begin considering hurricane supplies, hurricane bags in case of evacuation, and ways to protect themselves and their properties.”

Bleakly, a management analyst who joined the town’s staff a couple of months ago, said the event will contain a wide variety of hurricane preparedness tips and information, including how to secure and inventory personal property, safety during a power outage, evacuation zones and what to do with debris after a storm. A panel discussion is planned for the final 40 minutes of the symposium where attendees will be able to ask questions of the speakers as well as Belleair Police Chief Rick Doyle, according to Bleakly. “We will be providing grab-and-go packets for attendees, as well,” she said.

According to Mayor Mike Wilkinson, he believes the event will be of great benefit for many residents.

“The Hurricane Symposium, spearheaded by Management Analyst Katherine Bleakly, should be a great event for residents to start thinking about preparedness during the hurricane season,” Wilkinson said, adding, “The hurricane supplies tax-free week begins May 28, so the symposium on June 1st will provide residents with supply checklists to utilize during the week and ideas to stay safe during hurricane season.”

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