Pelican Women's Championship

The Pelican Women’s Championship will bring some of the LPGA's best players to Belleair in May.

BELLEAIR — Excitement is building in the town of Belleair as time winds down towards the Pelican Women’s Championship in May. 

The Ladies Professional Golf Association tournament at the Pelican Golf Club will bring some of the best female professional golfers in the world to the area while also showcasing the town.

But there are still plenty of preparations to be made before that happens.

Eiger Marketing Group, an event management company with more than 25 years of experience running professional golf tournaments around the globe, is now working on logistics for the inaugural tournament and representatives expect everything to run smoothly. 

“As one of the largest organizers of LPGA events, we know the success of any tournament relies on its connection to the community,” said Tim Erensen, managing partner of the group. “We are working closely with town staff and community leaders to ensure that our event provides a positive experience for our neighbors and all Belleair residents. We are thrilled to showcase the beauty and charm of Belleair along with the strength and talent of our world-class athletes, and we hope you will join us in experiencing this exciting occasion.” 


One issue that has been on the forefront of residents’ minds is parking. 

Officials say parking will be coordinated to have a minimal impact on Belleair’s roads, with a limited amount of parking offered in town. The majority of parking might be outside of town limits, in Largo and Clearwater, and shuttle systems could be set up to bring attendees from designated lots in those areas to the tournament’s entrance.

The main entrance to the property at the corner of Poinsettia Road and Golf View Drive will be the entrance to the tournament. It will be the only entrance and is where the vendors will be set up and promotional signs and other material will be situated.

Drop-off locations for vehicles and rideshares will also be designated, as will locations for bicycle parking. More detailed information on parking locations and traffic impacts will be provided at by March 1.

The management team will be hiring private security to supplement Belleair Police and will also be hiring private transportation for shuttling.

Big numbers

Ryan Dever, the tournament manager, has said more than 50,000 people are expected to attend the event, and that more than 6,000 are expected each day on the weekend.

That number, however, includes attendees, sponsors, volunteers, participants, and support staff who will be participating for the entire week.

“We are happy and excited to be in the community and are receiving awesome support from the town of Belleair and neighboring communities,” said Dever of St. Petersburg.

Kyle Draper, vice president of partnerships, added that the Tampa Bay Lightning have won the naming rights to the hospitality lounge on the 18th hole and that Rolex has agreed to be an LPGA Tour sponsor.

Other notes

• The tournament is currently accepting and welcoming volunteers for all days and activities. Visit to learn more.

• Those who live on the golf course will be able to see the tournament from their property. Fences or walls will not be installed to block views.

• Officials are urging residents to remember that short-term rentals are not allowed in Belleair, as they are forbidden in the town’s Code of Ordinances.

• Tickets are now on sale at for all days of the tournament.

Residents will begin to see tournament setup activities in early May, as temporary seating and facilities will be placed on the course in advance of the tournament.

Tee times will start daily around 7 a.m. and wrap up at sunset. The Golf Channel will broadcast the tournament live each day.

Tournament Schedule:

Wednesday – Official Pro-Am (there are still spots available). Pro-Am reception.

Thursday – First round.

Friday – Second round.

Saturday – Third round and Junior Golf Show.

Sunday – Final round and 18th Green award ceremony.

Additional information on parking and shuttle plans, traffic impacts, site maps, and more will be provided on by March 1. In the meantime, any questions about the tournament may be submitted at