BELLEAIR BLUFFS — The city has received $209,000 in reimbursement funds related to costs incurred during and after Hurricane Irma, which struck the area in September 2017.

The money is coming from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to pay for emergency measures undertaken during the storm, repairs of damaged buildings and equipment, debris removal and other Irma-related projects.

The FEMA payment to the city was announced at the Jan. 14 City Commission meeting by City Clerk Alexis Silcox, who was also the city’s hurricane response coordinator.

“We are almost done (getting the payments), and we’ve pretty much received money for every project,” said Silcox.

“Awesome,” said Mayor Chris Arbutine. “That’s fantastic,” Commissioner Suzy Sofer said. “All right, all right!” cheered Commissioner Joseph Barkley as the commission applauded following Silcox’s report.

Silcox was also commended by City Administrator Debra Sullivan for her role in getting the FEMA reimbursement payments.

In her January report to the commission, Sullivan said “(Silcox’s) performance was impeccable. Her expertise in Emergency Management has allowed the city to be one of the first to receive reimbursement for every single expense we submitted.”

City gets juice bar

The city will be getting a juice bar, the first to open in Belleair Bluffs, a city known for its diverse businesses. Named “The Spot,” it will open soon in Bluffs Plaza on Indian Rocks Road, taking the space formerly occupied by Cook’s Cottage, Sullivan said.