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BELLEAIR BLUFFS — Mayor Chris Arbutine said he strongly disagreed with a recent request by Belleair Beach Mayor Joseph Manzo, with the backing of that city’s council, to have Pinellas County “investigate the possibility of a toll for the Belleair Beach Causeway.” The bridge is a county bridge.

BELLEAIR BLUFFS — As neighboring Belleair gets ready to host the largest event in the area’s history, Belleair Bluffs city officials at their Feb. 10 commission meeting took steps to address concerns arising from the LPGA tournament coming to the Pelican Golf Club in three months.

BELLEAIR BLUFFS — Businesses wanting to locate in vacant retail space in shopping areas throughout the city are facing a roadblock, City Administrator Debra Sullivan said at the Jan. 13 City Commission meeting.

BELLEAIR BLUFFS — A resident’s recent comment that the city is paying its code enforcement officer $12,000 a year and he’s not generating that much in fines drew a decisive response from the officer and city officials about the purpose and manner of his duties in the city.

BELLEAIR BLUFFS — The trimming of low-hanging trees on the city’s east side has been completed, Public Works Supervisor Russ Schmader announced at the Sept. 16 City Commission meeting. The project’s completion means that the streets in the city east of Indian Rocks Road will be free of dange…

BELLEAIR BLUFFS — The trimming of dangerously low tree branches on the city’s east side will be completed by the end of next month, Public Works Supervisor Russ Schmader announced at the July 15 City Commission meeting.

BELLEAIR BLUFFS — The city is planning a special event this year to teach kids the meaning of Arbor Day. On that day, Friday, April 26, at 10 a.m., children are invited to join Public Works Supervisor Russ Schmader in the park beside City Hall, where they will help plant a live oak tree to r…

BELLEAIR BLUFFS — A big change in the city’s Public Works Department’s operation has come with the hiring of Russ Schmader last year. A shift from outsourcing of projects to having city employees do the work is happening.

All kinds of characters were seen as holiday parades marched through the streets of Pinellas County recently.

BELLEAIR BLUFFS – Prospects dimmed for a developer who is buying up aging duplex and triplex properties in the city, wanting to convert them to upscale townhouses. Code revisions had been made to accommodate the townhouse plan. Ownership rules were changed, but lot size requirements were not…

Taylour Shimkus joined the Belleair Bluffs City Commission seven years ago. She said then that her decision to run for office was based on a desire to serve the community and represent the residents of Belleair Bluffs. That choice for Shimkus has recently been put to the test, when she was forced by her employer to make a gut-wrenching decision – between her service on the City Commission and her job.

BELLEAIR BLUFFS – The City Commission agreed by consensus at its Aug. 13 workshop to code and zoning changes that would allow the construction of upscale town houses not currently permitted in the city. The changes will now be presented as an ordinance the commission will vote on at a future…

BELLEAIR BLUFFS – A proposal to raise the city’s tax rate from 5.35 to 5.57 mills, to make up for an anticipated revenue loss if a state constitutional amendment to raise the homestead exemption passes, has been dropped.

BELLEAIR BLUFFS – It was a big day for Shepherd’s Village, a Christian organization that is focused on providing low-cost housing and other services to single-parent families. A ribbon-cutting held on June 28 celebrated the wrap-up of a 15-year campaign to refurbish all of the Village’s two-…

BELLEAIR BLUFFS – The public is invited to attend a tropical summer party celebrating the opening of two newly refurbished apartments in Shepherd’s Village, a Christ-Centered residential ministry in Belleair Bluffs, at 5:50 p.m. Thursday, June 28.

BELLEAIR BLUFFS – The city’s proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year includes revenue from a millage rate hike from 5.35 mills to 5.57. The increase would bring in an additional $50,000, which City Administrator Debra Sullivan said the city will lose if a constitutional amendment to rai…

BELLEAIR BLUFFS – The swearing in of Debra Sullivan as city administrator at the May 21 commission meeting marks the official beginning of a new level of city government.

BELLEAIR BLUFFS – Change is coming to the city administration, with new positions being created and at least one new face. In reality, city government’s day-to-day functioning will likely change little, as the major player will have a new title with essentially the same job duties, and anoth…

BELLEAIR BLUFFS – A developer is eyeing at least six properties as sites for possible upscale townhomes. These would replace rental duplexes in the area of Indian Rocks Road and Jewell Road.

Belleair Bluffs Commissioners Taylour Shimkus and Joseph Barkley were re-elected without opposition in the recent election cycle. Pictured at the swearing-in ceremony are Shimkus and her husband, Dave Shimkus, left, and Barkley with his wife, Marylou Ambrose.

BELLEAIR BLUFFS – The Bluffs Business Association will host the Bluffs Wine Walk on Saturday, March 24, 4 to 8 p.m. Guests will pay $20 in advance or $30 day of event for the opportunity to sample wine and appetizers at over 40 businesses in the Belleair Bluffs community.

BELLEAIR BLUFFS – The City Commission will liberalize parts of its sign code, allowing more sign types and larger signs than previously, while easing some other restrictions. The sign code revisions, presented at the commission’s Jan. 8 workshop, also will bring the city’s sign laws in line …

BELLEAIR BLUFFS – After hearing reports of struggling businesses in town and the pleas of an owner, City Commission members moved up a planned review of the city’s sign code, with an eye to making changes that could help the businesses.

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