SAFETY HARBOR – Americans use over 500 million plastic straws every day! Plastic straws are made from fossil fuels, cannot be recycled, and do not biodegrade. Using plastic straws also threatens our marine neighbors, as each year over 100,000 marine mammals and 1 million seabirds are killed by plastic.

The City of Safety Harbor is calling for all restaurants and cafés within the city to participate in the 2018 Strawless Initiative. Participating businesses will refrain from using straws in their daily operations, unless requested, in order to save wildlife and show our community how easy it can be to live straw-free.

Participating businesses who pledge to refrain from using straws will receive a decal recognizing them as a participant. Also, the business will receive recognition on the City of Safety Harbor Solid Waste and Recycling Division website. along with the city’s social media sites.

For more information, call 727-724-1550, ext. 2002, or email skennedy@cityofsafetyharbor.