Residents fighting the approval of a condominium project at 1919 Edgewater Drive will have an appeal hearing on Aug. 27 at 9 a.m. It is to be held in the Main Library conference room where the Clearwater City Council meets.

The Clearwater Development Board approved the condominium project in the Edgewater Drive neighborhood on June 25, and residents hope a hearing officer will stop the project.

Kate Belniak, president of the Edgewater Drive Neighborhood Association, filed an appeal July 8, just two weeks after the Clearwater Community Development Board voted 5-2 to allow Valor Capital chief executive Moises Agami to build a seven-story condo at the corner of Edgewater Drive and Sunset Point Road.

The Edgewater neighborhood’s appeal — which seeks a reversal of the CDB’s decision to approve the condominium — claims that Valor Capital’s project fails to meet several non-negotiable requirements baked into Clearwater Community Development Code Section 3-914.

That code section states that new development projects in Clearwater must:

• Be in harmony with the scale, bulk, coverage, density, and character of the properties in which it is located

• Not significantly impair the value of adjacent land and buildings

• Minimize traffic congestion

• Be consistent with the community character of the immediate vicinity

• Not adversely affect visual, acoustic and olfactory senses on adjacent properties.

Neither the CDB, nor city planning staff, satisfactorily considered the limitations during the seven-hour hearing, Belniak said.

Another Edgewater neighborhood resident, Richard Porraro, believes the hearing officer will see the CDB’s errors.

“We filed an appeal and are optimistic that this unfortunate tragic mistake will be corrected once the hearing officer has had a chance to review our case and read the report prepared by Patricia Ortiz, our professional planning witness,” Porraro said. “Her report contains facts about the city's very own code that are easy to understand, yet were ignored.”