The Jacobs family is making history, first when daughter Dominique was inducted into Pinellas Park High School’s Hall of Fame in 2017, and more recently, when her mother, Lula, was inducted into Clearwater High School’s Hall of Fame this past January.

“It felt good when I heard the news, and it still feels good,” Lula said about her induction.

Dominique added, “I was more excited for her than I was for me. We did all those things for fun, but years later to realize what you accomplished meant more than you would ever know is wowing.”

Lula Jacobs was inducted for girls cross country and for track & field, while Dominique was inducted for track and basketball.

Running is in the blood of these two women. Dominique said that growing up, her mom never pressured her to be a star but was always there cheering on the sidelines and coaching from time to time. She described her mom as really humble about her days as a cross country runner and track & field star.

It was only from the mouths of other runners and people who knew Lula back then that made Dominique realize how amazing her mother was.

“To hear them talk about her and what the team did, oh man, she was really good,” Dominique said. “But she was so humble, I never heard her speak about it.”

Today, Lula still keeps up with her running, even if it is at a slower pace. Ever since she was a young child, she said that family and friends would comment how fast she was. Running was something she enjoyed and now that she’s 63 years old, it’s still a pleasure.

“It eases my mind,” Lula said. “I don’t run like I used to anymore but I will run, I still can. It’s all I know.”

Growing up, it wasn’t that Dominique aimed to follow in her mother’s footsteps, it just so happened that despite going to school for basketball, she stood out on the track. Dominique also played volleyball and enjoyed the different sports she got involved with. Today, she is a member of the Tampa Bay Inferno, a professional women’s tackle football team in Tampa.

A torn ACL from last year’s practice has resulted in Dominique spending the year resting, but she said she’s “hungry for action” and can’t wait to be back. Waiting for the doctor to give the all-clear is not easy, but she understands the importance of timing.

Dominique has been the wide receiver of the Inferno since 2016 after a brief stint with the Chicago Force. She still attends practice but on a no-contact level.

The Inferno continue to be an inspiration to Dominique. She said she loves the competitive nature of the team and has always wanted to be a part of a team with a willingness to bring it, to be one unit and not be afraid to go after other teams.

“I’m so grateful and thankful to God, she’s better than what I thought she was going to be,” Lula said. “She’s come a long way and I’m so proud of her. She’s an awesome young lady.”