Pinellas County’s cumulative total of confirmed cases of COVID-19 is up to 61,344, according to a report released Saturday from the state Department of Health. The county’s death toll increased to 1,331.

So far this week, Feb. 1-5, Florida Department of Health has reported 1,628 new COVID-19 cases in Pinellas, bringing the total to 61,344. Twenty-seven have died due to the novel coronavirus, upping the death toll to 1,331.

For the week of Jan. 25-31, DOH reported 2,519 new cases and 52 deaths, which was a slight improvement from the previous week. From Jan. 18-24, 2,668 new cases and 68 deaths were reported, and from Jan. 11-17, 3,135 new cases and 95 deaths were reported.

The county’s first two cases were confirmed on March 11, and the first death on March 23.


Pinellas County’s website shows a graph of COVID-19 cases reported since March.

Statewide, the cumulative number of cases increased to 1,771,359 and 28,058 deaths as of Feb. 5. According to Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems for Science and Engineering, as of 5 p.m. Feb. 6 in the United States, cases totaled 26,892,481 with 461,725 deaths.

COVID-19 cases in Pinellas included 59,855 residents and 1,489 non-residents. More cases were in females, 31,968 (54%), to 27,845 in males. Gender was unknown in 42. Ages range from 0-105. Median age was 44. Thirteen percent were Black, and 11% were Hispanic.

About 7% of all cases in the county have been hospitalized since March. DOH reported that 3,967 residents had been hospitalized in Pinellas. The number of nonresidents was unavailable.

Local hospitals had 24% capacity in staffed adult beds (758 of 3,187) on Saturday with 20% capacity (67 of 334) in ICU beds. All hospitals had at least one ICU bed available except Palms of Pasadena, Morton Plant and Largo Medical. According to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, as of 10:35 a.m. Feb. 6, 261 beds were occupied by a COVID-19 patient with 64 in ICU and 34 on a ventilator.

Testing in Pinellas

DOH reported that 6.69% of 4,773 test results on Feb. 5 were positive, 3.69% of 9,849 results on Feb. 4, 9.22% of 2,925 on Feb. 3, 6.53% of 2,832 on Feb. 2, 6.69% of 5,609 on Feb. 1, 8.63% of 2,519 on Jan. 31 were positive, 3.96% of 6,435 results on Jan. 30, 6.12% of 9,455 on Jan. 29, 10.91% of 3,763 on Jan. 28, 5.59% of 5,859 on Jan. 27, 10.30% of 2,448 on Jan. 26 and 7.46% of 3,694 on Jan. 25.

For information on testing, contact your health provider, or call the state DOH’s COVID-19 hotline at 1-866-779-6121 or the Pinellas County DOH’s hotline at 727-824-6900. Both numbers are available 24/7. For online information, visit

Case counts in local municipalities, etc.

Since March, 6,390 cases have been reported at long-term care facilities, or 11% of cases in the county.

For current case counts in Pinellas County schools, visit

DOH provided updated and revised information on the city of residence for cases in Pinellas on Saturday, Feb. 6. St. Petersburg has the most with 22,170 cases, 11,783 are Clearwater residents, 6,573 from Largo, 4,132 from Palm Harbor, 3,249 from Seminole, 2,985 from Pinellas Park, 2,179 from Tarpon Springs, 1,905 from Dunedin, 1,168 from Oldsmar, 945 from Safety Harbor, 507 from Clearwater Beach, 475 from Gulfport, 275 from Indian Rocks Beach, 262 from South Pasadena, 252 from Kenneth City, 238 from Belleair, 169 from Madeira Beach, 93 from Belleair Beach, 89 from Tierra Verde, 77 from Crystal Beach, 67 from St. Pete Beach, 49 from North Redington Beach, 49 from Treasure Island, 31 from Bay Pines, 25 from Lealman, 14 from Redington Shores, 12 from Belleair Bluffs, nine from Redington Beach, nine from Ozona, six from Indian Shores, one listed as homeless and 27 as missing.

COVID-19 deaths in Pinellas

DOH reported 27 more COVID-19 related deaths from Feb. 1-5, upping the death toll to 1,331. Fifty-two deaths were reported from Jan. 25-31 and 68 deaths were reported from Jan. 18-24. Ninety-five new deaths were reported from Jan. 11-17.

As of Feb. 5, one death has been reported in the 15-24 age group, five deaths in the 25-34 age group, 14 in the 35-44 group (1%), 37 in 45-54 (3%), 107 in 55-64 (8%), 264 in 65-74 (20%), 395 in 75-84 (29%) and 508 (38%) in ages 85 and up.

At least 808 of the county’s deaths were residents or staff at one of the county’s long-term care facilities. Pinellas is No. 3 in the state with reporting 8% of deaths at these facilities. Dade County is No. 1 with 954 deaths, or 10%, and Palm Beach County is No. 2 with 944 deaths, or 10%.

Local state of emergency, face mask order

Pinellas County Administrator Barry Burton has extended the local state of emergency through Feb. 12. County commissioners are expected to extend it another seven days through Feb. 19 at their Feb. 9 meeting.

The countywide ordinance requiring that facial coverings be worn in indoor places remains in effect. Employees that serve or prepare food or drink must wear masks indoors and outdoors. Customers at bars and restaurants must be seated to be served.

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Statewide cases pass 1.77 million with 28,058 deaths

DOH reported another 1,739,276 positive cases in Florida residents as of Feb. 5 with 32,083 in non-residents to bring the total to 1,771,359 — 7,468 more than the day before.

The number of deaths in Florida residents increased to 27,599. DOH also reported that 459 non-residents have died, bringing the state’s death toll to 28,058, 145 more than yesterday.

So far this week, Feb. 1-4, 44,234 new cases and 929 deaths have been reported. From Jan. 25-31, 68,938 new cases and 1,280 deaths have been reported. From Jan. 18-24, 78,888 new cases and 1,192 deaths were reported.

The numbers are cumulative going back to March 4. DOH has not provided information on how many people have recovered.

DOH reports that 74,267 residents have been hospitalized statewide as of Feb. 6. No information was available about non-residents.

Testing statewide

DOH reported that 6.25% of 111,041 test results on Feb. 5 were positive, 5.81% of 177,322 results on Feb. 4, 8.74% of 78,811 on Feb. 3, 7.81% of 79,954 on Feb. 2, 8.36% of 113,126 on Feb. 1, 8.39% of 61,422 on Jan. 31, 5.54% of 131,210 on Jan. 30, 6.62% of 207,418 results on Jan. 29, 14.47% of 64,096 on Jan. 28, 7.71% of 135,089 on Jan. 27, 10.22% of 72,364 on Jan. 26, 9.21% of 92,770 on Jan. 25 and 9.56% of 81,436 on Jan. 24.

Vaccination summary

As of Feb. 5, statewide, 1,324,705 people had received a first-dose of the COVID-19 vaccination and 627,235 had completed the two-shot series. DOH is no longer reporting the number overdue for their second dose.

The state began administering the vaccine on Dec. 14.

In Pinellas, 90,572 doses have been administered including 61,587 receiving the first dose and 28,986 completing the two-shot series. Of those who have completed the two-dose series, more were females, 54,256 to 36,048 males, and 64,333 were white, 3,457 were Black and 2,416 were Hispanic.

The most vaccine has been administered in Dade County, 193,278 doses, followed by Palm Beach with 186,037 and Broward with 158,653 doses. DOH also reported that 59,727 from out-of-state have received the vaccine.

Statewide, the age group receiving the most vaccinations was 65-74 with 790,758 completing the series, followed by ages 75-84 and ages 85 and older. Next were ages 55-64, 45-54, 35-44, 25-34 and 16-24 with 23,890 receiving both shots.

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Note: All numbers are provisional and subject to change.