LARGO — Pinellas County School Board members are expected to vote on a proposed rule that would require face masks or coverings to be worn at all times on school campuses, buses, administrative buildings, and at all district-sponsored events or activities.

The district has required the use of face coverings since school began in August, and if adopted, the rule would remain in effect for the foreseeable future.

Students in prekindergarten, kindergarten and ESE classrooms will not be required to wear masks, but will be encouraged to do so to the greatest extent possible.

As defined by the district rule, face covering must “cover both the mouth and nose completely and fit snugly against the sides of the person’s face with little or no gaps. Face coverings must be made of solid material, and not lace, mesh, crocheted, made of other largely porous material or have exhalation valves or vents that allow air to be exhaled through a hole in the material.”

Students will not be required to wear masks while eating and drinking, during strenuous physical activity, while playing wind instruments and during emergency circumstances. Mask breaks will also be available for students.

Students refusing to wear a mask may be transferred to a virtual learning platform, such as MyPCS Online or Pinellas Virtual School.

The Board will review the proposed rule during second reading on Tuesday, Oct. 27.

COVID-19 Cases

From Oct. 12 to Oct. 16, the district reported 58 new cases of COVID-19, with 90 schools or facilities reporting infections.

Ten schools reported infections Oct. 12, including one student each at St. Petersburg High, Clearwater Adult Education Center, East Lake High, Bardmoor Elementary, Safety Harbor Middle, Tarpon Springs High, Plato Academy Palm Harbor Charter School and McMullen Booth Elementary; and two employees at Plato Academy Palm Harbor and one employee each at Madeira Beach Fundamental, Bardmoor Elementary and Plato Academy St. Petersburg.

On Oct. 13, two students were infected at East Lake High and one student each at Boca Ciega High, Frontier Elementary, Osceola Middle, Seminole High, Palm Harbor High and Plato Academy St. Petersburg. One employee each at Osceola Middle, Cypress Woods Elementary, Oak Grove Middle, Lake St. George Elementary and Plato Academy St. Petersburg reported positive for coronavirus.

Fourteen positive cases were announced Oct. 14, including two student cases at Pinellas Techical College St. Petersburg, and one student each at Palm Harbor High, Disston Academy, Ponce De Leon Elementary, Hollins High, Pinellas Park High, Tarpon Springs Fundamental Elementary, Seventy-Fourth Street Elementary and Discovery Academy of Science. Two employees at Share Acres Elementary and one each at Lakewood Elementary and Countryside High also tested positive.

On Oct. 15, 12 new cases were reported, including two students at Ridgecrest Elementary, and one student each at Pinellas Park High, East Lake High, Northeast High and St. Petersburg High; and one employee each at Osceola Middle, Leila Davis Elementary, Lynch Elementary, Walter Pownell Service Center, Mount Vernon Elementary and Plato Academy St. Petersburg.

Only six new cases were reported Oct. 16, with one student each at Seminole High, Sexton Elementary, Morgan Fitzgerald Middle and East Lake High, and one staff member each at Oakhurst Elementary and Sexton Elementary.

That brings the total number of students diagnosed with COVID-19 to 167 and teachers with positive test results to 86.

Since Aug. 24, 90 schools or district facilities have students or employees who have tested positive. They include:

• Administration Building

• Bardmoor Elementary School

• Belleair Elementary School

• Bauder Elementary School

• Baypointe Middle School

• Bear Creek Elementary School

• Blanton Elementary School

• Boca Ciega High School

• Calvin Hunsinger

• Carwise Middle School

• Clearwater Adult Education Center

• Clearwater Fundamental Middle School

• Clearwater High School

• Clearwater Intermediate School

• Curtis Fundamental Elementary School

• Countryside High School

• Cross Bayou Elementary School

• Curlew Creek Elementary School

• Cypress Woods Elementary School

• Discovery Academy of Science Charter Schools

• Douglas Jamerson Elementary School

• Dunedin Highland Middle School

• Dunedin High School

• East Lake High School

• Eisenhower Elementary School

• Elisa Nelson Elementary School

• Frontier Elementary School

• Fuguitt Elementary School

• Forest Lakes

• Garrison-Jones Elementary School

• Gibbs High School

• High Point Elementary School

• Highland Lakes Elementary School

• James B. Sanderlin

• Hollins High School

• King’s Highway Elementary School• Lake St. George Elementary School

• Lakewood High School

• Largo High School• Leila Davis Elementary School• Lynch Elementary School

• Madeira Beach Fundamental School

• Maximo Elementary School

• McMullen Booth Elementary School

• Meadowlawn Middle School

• Mildred Helms Elementary School

• Morgan Fitzgerald Middle School

• Mount Vernon Elementary School

• MycroSchool Charter School

• North Shore Elementary School

• Northwest Elementary School

• Northeast High School

• Oak Grove Middle School

• Oakhurst Elementary School

• Oldsmar Elementary School

• Osceola Fundamental High School

• Osceola Middle School

• Ozona Elementary School

• Pasadena Fundamental Elementary School

• Palm Harbor Elementary School

• Palm Harbor University High School

• Pinellas Academy of Math and Science

• Pinellas Park Elementary School

• Pinellas Park High School

• Pinellas Primary Academy Charter School

• Pinellas Technical College St. Petersburg

• Plato Academy Clearwater Charter School

• Plato Academy Palm Harbor Charter School

• Plato Academy Seminole Charter School

• Plato Academy St. Petersburg Charter School

• Ponce De Leon Elementary School

• Richard O. Jacobsen Technical High School

• Safety Harbor Elementary School

• Safety Harbor Middle School

• San Jose Elementary School

• Seminole Middle School

• Sexton Elementary School

• Seventy-fourth Street Elementary School

• Shore Acres Elementary School

• St. Petersburg High School

• St. Petersburg Collegiate Charter High School

• Sutherland Elementary School

• Tarpon Springs Elementary School

• Tarpon Springs Fundamental Elementary School

• Tarpon Springs High School

• Tarpon Springs Middle School

• Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle School

• Walsingham Elementary School

• Walter Pownall Service Center

• Westgate Elementary School