Pinellas County’s cumulative total of confirmed cases of COVID-19 is up to 32,808, according to a report released Sunday from the state Department of Health. The county’s death toll increased to 899.

Florida Department of Health reported 178 additional COVID-19 cases in Pinellas County on Nov. 29, upping the total to 32,808. Four more residents have died due to the novel coronavirus, upping the death toll to 899.

From Nov. 23-29, 1,930 cases and 32 deaths were reported, which is 161 more cases and 19 more deaths than last week.

Weekly case counts and the number of deaths have been steadily increasing. From Nov. 16-22, 1,769 more cases and 13 deaths were reported — 438 more cases than the week prior. From Nov. 9-15, 1,331 new cases and 23 more deaths were reported. From Nov. 2-8, 1,434 new cases and eight deaths were reported — 350 more cases than the week before.

From Oct. 26-Nov. 1, 1,084 new cases and seven deaths were reported. From Oct. 19-25, DOH reported 1,031 new cases and 16 deaths. It was the first week since Aug. 3-9 more than 1,000 cases were reported in one week.


Pinellas County’s website shows a graph of COVID-19 cases reported since March.

The county’s first two cases were reported on March 11, and the first death was confirmed on March 23.

Statewide, the cumulative number of cases increased to 992,661 with 18,736 deaths on Nov. 28. Cases in the United States totaled 13,324,717 with 266,357 deaths. Globally, more than 62.58 million cases have been reported with more than 1.45 million deaths.

COVID-19 cases in Pinellas included 32,372 residents and 436 non-residents. More cases were in females, 17,328 (54%), to 15,009 in males. Gender was unknown in 35. Ages range from 0-105. Median age was 43. Fifteen percent were Black, and 11% were Hispanic.

About 10% of all cases in the county have been hospitalized since March. DOH reported that 2,833 residents and 30 non-residents had been hospitalized in Pinellas.


Charts on the Florida Department of Health’s COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard provide data on ages, number of new cases by day and other county-specific details. This one is for Pinellas. The number hospitalized is for residents only.

Local hospitals had 33% capacity in staffed adult beds (1,057 of 3,234) on Sunday with 22% capacity (71 of 328) in ICU beds. All hospitals had at least one ICU bed available. According to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, as of 10:30 a.m. Nov. 29, 197 beds were occupied by a COVID-19 patient with 57 in ICU and 27 on a ventilator.

Testing in Pinellas

DOH reported that 5.62% of 3,126 test results on Nov. 28 were positive, 4.57% of 4,720 results on Nov. 27, 3.97% of 5,514 on Nov. 26, 5.5% of 6,180 on Nov. 25, 5.89% of 5,207 on Nov. 23, 5.95% of 3,876 on Nov. 22, 5.62% of 4,399 on Nov. 21, 4.73% of 6,283 on Nov. 20, 6.32% of 4,284 on Nov. 19, 5.24% of 5,025 on Nov. 18, 6.21% of 3,608 results on Nov. 17, 5.77% of 3,397 on Nov. 16, 5.76% of 2,749 on Nov. 15, 5.53% of 4,154 on Nov. 14, 7.60% of 1,458 on Nov. 13, 5.92% of 3,844 on Nov 12, 7.27% of 3,091 on Nov. 11, 5.46% of 3,583 on Nov. 10, 6.79% of 2,514 on Nov. 9, 9.51% of 1,684 on Nov. 8, 5.98% of 4,831 on Nov. 7, 8.36% of 1,919 on Nov. 6, 7.40% of 3,739 on Nov. 5, 6.17% of 3,192 on Nov. 4, 7.16% of 2,670 on Nov. 3, 5.45% of 2,392 on Nov. 2 and 6.20% of 1,542 on Nov. 1.

For information on testing, contact your health provider, or call the state DOH’s COVID-19 hotline at 1-866-779-6121 or the Pinellas County DOH’s hotline at 727-824-6900. Both numbers are available 24/7. For online information, visit

Cases in Pinellas County schools

Pinellas County Schools are currently closed for Thanksgiving holiday.

Pinellas County Schools reported on Nov. 23 that 11 more students and 11 employees had tested positive for COVID-19 as of Nov. 20.

No impact was reported to classrooms or buses from two students at East Lake High School, one student at Northeast High School, one student at Lake St. George Elementary, one student at Orange Grove Elementary, one at Largo Middle, Largo High or Gibbs High School or Westgate Elementary School.

No impact was reported from one employee and one student that tested positive at Madeira Beach Fundamental School, or one employee at New Heights Elementary, Bay Pointe Elementary, Administration or Safety Harbor Middle School.

For more information, visit

Case counts in local municipalities and long-term care facilities

DOH provided updated and revised information on the city of residence for cases in Pinellas on Sunday, Nov. 29. St. Petersburg has the most with 12,799 cases, 6,334 are Clearwater residents, 3,387 from Largo, 2,056 from Palm Harbor, 1,710 from Seminole, 1,594 from Pinellas Park, 1,078 from Tarpon Springs, 948 from Dunedin, 615 from Oldsmar, 473 from Safety Harbor, 270 from Clearwater Beach, 235 from Gulfport, 157 from Kenneth City, 157 from South Pasadena, 139 from Indian Rocks Beach, 86 from Belleair, 74 from Madeira Beach, 45 from Belleair Beach, 43 from Crystal Beach, 31 from Tierra Verde, 30 from St. Pete Beach, 29 from North Redington Beach, 21 from Bay Pines, 20 from Treasure Island, seven from Lealman, six from Belleair Bluffs, five from Redington Shores, four from Ozona, four from Redington Beach, three from Indian Shores, and one listed as homeless and six as missing.

Since March, 4,603 cases have been reported at long-term care facilities, or 15% of cases in the county.

COVID-19 deaths in Pinellas

DOH reported four more COVID-19 related deaths on Nov. 29, upping the death toll to 899.

To date, one death has been reported in the 15-24 age group, four deaths in the 25-34 age group, eight in the 35-44 group (1%), 26 in 45-54 (3%), 77 in 55-64 (9%), 175 in 65-74 (20%), 279 in 75-84 (31%) and 329 (37%) in ages 85 and up.

At least 615 of the county’s deaths were residents or staff at one of the county’s long-term care facilities. Pinellas is No. 3 in the state with reporting 8% of deaths at these facilities. Dade County is No. 1 with 862 deaths, or 12%, and Palm Beach County is No. 2 with 755 deaths, or 10%.

DOH reported 10 more COVID-19 related deaths on Nov. 28, including four women ages 89, 89, 84, 28 and two men ages 88 and 70. DOH reported one more COVID-19 related death on Nov. 27 and three on Nov. 25.

DOH reported nine new COVID-19 related deaths on Nov. 24, upping the death toll to 881. New deaths confirmed included six women ages 96, 91, 85, 79, 76 and 69, and five men ages 86, 86, 84, 84 and 78.

DOH reported five more COVID-19 related deaths on Nov. 23, upping the death toll to 872. No further details were available.

DOH reported one COVID-19 related death on Nov. 21, a 105-year-old woman. DOH reported four COVID-19 related deaths on Nov. 19. No details were available. DOH reported three more COVID-19 related deaths on Nov. 18 and confirmed the death of an 86-year-old man.

DOH reported four COVID-19 related deaths on Nov. 17, including two women ages 88 and 82 and two men ages 55 and 53. DOH reported one COVID-19 related death on Nov. 16: a 72-year-old man.

DOH reported one more COVID-19 related death on Nov. 15 and DOH three more on Nov. 14. The Nov. 14 line list listed five deaths: two women ages 94 and 80, and three men ages 85, 77 and 56.

DOH reported one more COVID-19 related death on Nov. 13. DOH reported 11 deaths on Nov. 12, including five women ages 97, 83, 71, 72 and 66 and six men ages 79, 75, 71, 71, 63 and 49. DOH reported five COVID-19 related deaths on Nov. 11, including two women ages 43 and 42 and two men ages 58 and 55.

DOH reported the deaths of a 66-year-old woman and 67-year-old man on Nov. 10. No new COVID-19 related deaths were reported on Nov. 9 or 8. DOH reported the death of a 70-year-old man on Nov. 6, upping the death toll to 831.

DOH reported one more COVID-19 related death on Nov. 5 and confirmed the deaths of two men, ages 77 and 75. DOH reported one more COVID-19 related death on Nov. 4. No further details were available. DOH reported three more COVID-19 related deaths on Nov. 3. No further details were available.

Local state of emergency, face mask order

Pinellas County Administrator Barry Burton has extended the local state of emergency through Dec. 4.

On Nov. 17, Dr. Ulyee Choe, director of the Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County, reported a continued increase in seven-day rolling averages for new COVID-19 cases, percentage of positive tests and hospital capacity.

The countywide ordinance requiring that face masks be worn in indoor public places when social distancing is not possible also remains in effect. The ordinance requires that retail employees wear face coverings unless in an area that is not open to the public with social distancing measures in place.

Restaurants and staff at bars can only serve people who are seated. Social distancing of 6 feet must be maintained. Staff also must wear face masks when preparing or serving food or beverages indoors and outdoors. Customers do not have to wear masks while eating or drinking. No congregating at the bars or in any area is allowed.

The ordinance includes several exemptions for those that might not be able to wear a face masks; however, private businesses do not have to allow for those exemptions.

For more information on the county’s response to the coronavirus, visit

Statewide cases top 990,000 with 18,677 deaths

The number of confirmed cases in Florida residents was up to 976,944 on Sunday. Another 15,717 cases were reported in non-residents, bringing the total to 992,661 — 7,364 more than reported on Saturday.

The numbers are cumulative going back to March 4. DOH has not provided information on how many people have recovered.


Charts on the Florida Department of Health’s COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard provide statewide information on ages, number of new cases by day and other details.

The number of deaths in Florida residents increased to 18,500 deaths, which is 58 more than the number reported Saturday. DOH also reported that 236 non-residents have died, bringing the state’s death toll to 18,736.

DOH reports that 54,706 residents have been hospitalized statewide, which is 115 more than reported on Friday. No information was available about non-residents.

Testing statewide

DOH reported that 7.85% of 84,262 test results on Nov. 28 were positive, 7.14% of 80,064 results on Nov. 27, 6.20% of 101,028 on Nov. 26, 6.67% of 142,071 on Nov. 25, 7.47% of 100,188 on Nov. 23, 7.01% of 80,677 on Nov. 22, 6.65% of 91,014 results on Nov. 21, 6.79% of 112,964 on Nov. 20, 7.64% of 107,398 on Nov. 19, 7.58% of 109,723 results on Nov. 18, 8.16% of 87,553 on Nov. 17, 8.64% of 77,756 on Nov. 16, 7.95% of 52,450 on Nov. 15, 7.57% of 121,155 on Nov. 14, 9.95% of 40,309 on Nov. 13, 7.95% of 78,559 on Nov. 12, 7.35% of 69,809 on Nov. 11, 7.82% of 67,416 on Nov. 10, 8.34% of 47,437 test results on Nov. 9 were positive, 8.07% of 44,165 results on Nov. 8, 6.23% of 99,876 on Nov. 7, 8.28% of 48,766 results on Nov. 6, 6.36% of 75,475 on Nov. 5, 6.20% of 93,277 on Nov. 4, 7.75% of 52,331 on Nov. 3, 7.58% of 56,063 on Nov. 2 and 6.47% of 39,169 results on Nov. 1.

National cases up to 13.3 million with 266,357 deaths

According to information from Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering, posted at 4 p.m. Sunday, cases of the coronavirus reported in the United States were up to 13,324,717 with 266,357 deaths compared to 13,203,218 with 263,755 deaths at 4 p.m. Saturday. The number of global cases increased to 62,586,806 with 1,456,621 deaths 62,036,055 with 1,448,890 deaths on Saturday.

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Note: All numbers are provisional and subject to change.