Sebastian Stan and Denise Gough star in "Monday" from IFC Films.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on the film industry. Movie theaters continue to operate with enhanced health and safety measures, following CDC recommended COVID-19 safety guidelines. Some films are tentatively scheduled for big-screen releases while others will be available digitally via video on demand.


  • Genre: Drama
  • Cast: Sebastian Stan, Denise Gough, and Dominique Tipper
  • Director: Argyris Papadimitropoulos
  • Rated: R

Mickey (Sebastian Stan) and Chloe (Denise Gough), two Americans in their mid-30s living in Athens, meet in the heat of summer one whirlwind weekend. The chemistry between them is undeniable.

When Chloe’s time in Greece is drawing to a close, she decides to give up her high-flying job back home and explore whether one weekend’s passion can blossom into something more.

The film is scheduled to be released April 16 by IFC Films.

‘Jakob’s Wife’

  • Genre: Horror
  • Cast: Barbara Crampton, Larry Fessenden, and Bonnie Aarons
  • Director: Travis Stevens
  • Not rated

Anne (Barbara Crampton), a woman in her late 50s who is married to small-town minister Pastor Jakob Fedder (Larry Fessenden), feels her life and marriage have been shrinking over the past 30 years.

Through a chance encounter with “The Master” (Bonnie Aarons), Anne discovers a new sense of power and an appetite to live bigger and bolder than before. However, these changes come with a heavy body count and a toll on her marriage.

The film is scheduled to be released in theaters, on demand and digitally April 16 by RLJE Films and Shudder.

‘Night of the Sicario’

  • Genre: Action, adventure and thriller
  • Cast: Natasha Henstridge, Costas Mandylor, Manny Perez, Roberto Sanchez, and Addison Kendall
  • Director: Joth Riggs
  • Rated: R

While transporting the family of a key witness in a federal trial against the cartel, DEA agents are ambushed in a fatal shootout. Now the survivors, including the witness’ young daughter, must take refuge in a nearby home as the ruthless sicarios hunt them down. With danger around every corner and a violent hurricane wiping out any chance of outside help, they must play a deadly game of cat and mouse with the cartel to live through the night.

The film is scheduled to be released April 16 by Saban Films.

‘The Banishing’

  • Genre: Horror
  • Cast: Jessica Brown Findlay, John Heffernan, John Lynch and Sean Harris
  • Director: Christopher Smith
  • Not rated

Set in 1930s England, “The Banishing” follows Linus (John Heffernan), his wife Marianne (Jessica Brown Findlay) and their daughter Adelaide (Anya McKenna-Bruce).

The family movies into town, where Linus has been posted as the new reverend. Soon after their arrival, strange events start to occur, including ghostly voices, dark figures dressed as monks, and mysterious totems. Adelaide’s behavior becomes stranger by the day.

It soon becomes clear that a malicious entity seeks to possess Adelaide and that the church is hiding a terrible secret.

The film is scheduled to be released April 15 by Vertigo Releasing and Shudder.

‘Ride or Die’

  • Genre: Psychological thriller
  • Cast: Kiko Mizuhara and Honami Sato
  • Director: Ryuichi Hiroki
  • Not rated

Born and raised in a wealthy family, Rei (Kiko Mizuhara) has lived a life without need.

One day, she hears from Nanae (Honami Sato), who she had feelings for in high school, and the two women are reunited for the first time in 10 years. However, Rei’s happiness is short-lived as she is shocked to see that Nanae is covered in bruises suffered from domestic violence at the hands of her husband. Nanae tells her friend that she feels cornered and fears for her life. “Ride or Die” is a road movie that depicts the aimless escape of these two women and the chaotic journey that will surprisingly bring them closer to each other.

The film is scheduled to be released April 15 by Netflix.

‘Arlo and Alligator Boy’

  • Genre: Animated adventure and musical
  • Cast: Michael J. Woodard, Mary Lambert, Haley Tju, Jonathan Van Ness, Brett Gelman, Tony Hale, Flea, Annie Potts, Jennifer Coolidge, and Vincent Rodriguez III
  • Director: Ryan Crego
  • Not rated

Upon learning that he is from New York City, Arlo (voiced by Michael J. Woodard), a wide-eyed boy who is half human and half alligator, decides to leave his sheltered life in the swamp and search for his long-lost father.

“Arlo the Alligator Boy” will launch Arlo’s journey as he meets a group of misfits who quickly become his new family. His adventures will continue in “I Heart Arlo,” a 20-episode streaming television series.

The film is scheduled to premiere on Netflix April 16 and will be followed by the series, debuting later this year.