The Orpheum presents Suicide Commando June 21.

TAMPA — Suicide Commando will perform Friday, June 21, 7 p.m., at The Orpheum, 1915 East Seventh Ave., Ybor City.

Tickets start at $20. Call 813-248-9500 or visit www.theorpheum.com.

According to Metropolis Records, Johan Van Roy began experimenting with harsh electronic music using the name “Suicide Commando” in 1986.

After releasing nine cassette tapes, and having tracks appear on two compilation LPs and a compilation CD, Suicide Commando appeared on stage in support of Plastic Noise Experience in 1993. These actions caught the attention of the Off Beat label and resulted in the 1994 release of Suicide Commando’s first CD, “Critical Stage.”

The album yielded several club hits, including “Traumatize” and “Where Do We Go From Here?,” which featured Dirk Ivens of Dive on vocals. “Stored Images,” the second CD from Suicide Commando, was released in 1995. The album marked a greater club following than ever before. It included re-mixes of “T.V. Obsession,” “Intercourse” and “Save Me” along with two new dance floor hits.

To mark a decade of existence, Suicide Commando embarked on the 1996 "Critical Images" tour and released a 2,000-piece limited-edition EP box set. The “Contamination” EP featured several new tracks and re-mixes of the popular “See You in Hell,” and “Traumatize.” The bonus in the box set was a 3-inch CD containing old and previously unreleased material. Electric Death Trip Records later released the “Contamination” EP in 1997 for the United States with three bonus tracks. In addition, Suicide Commando released a mini-CD on the O-Files II sampler titled “State of Emergency.”

“Construct-Destruct,” the third CD, was released in 1998. This was followed by “Mindstrip” (2000), “Axis of Evil” (2003), “Bind, Torture, Kill” (2006), “Implements of Hell” (2010), “When Evil Speaks” (2013) and “Forest of the Impaled” (2017).

During the course of his 33-year career, Suicide Commando has influenced countless artists and won over many fans and skeptics.