Jannus Live welcomes Citizen Cope June 28.

ST. PETERSBURG — Citizen Cope will perform Friday, June 28, 7 p.m., at Jannus Live, 200 First Ave. N., St. Petersburg.

Tickets are $31. For information or to purchase tickets, call 727-565-0550 or visit jannuslive.com.

Citizen Cope has built an entire career on trusting his gut and following his muse.

“Heroin & Helicopters,” his new album, demonstrates his instincts are sharper now than ever before. As technically innovative as it is emotionally resonant, the record arrives at a uniquely challenging moment in modern American culture, when profound political polarization and social divisions seem to grow deeper by the day. Rather than dwell on our differences, though, Cope tunes in to what unites us, drawing on everything from Chuck Brown and The Beatles to Randy Newman and Bill Withers, aiming his unique brand of urban-folk inwards to reflect on the personal journeys we all undertake to embrace ourselves despite our flaws.

“I think we’re all on a mission to find some inner peace,” he said in a press release from Ineffable Music. “We’re all going towards this collective consciousness, and even though it’s dark right now, I believe we’re going to reach that place together. Peace and harmony and understanding, that’s how you combat the darkness, and that’s what this record is all about.”

While “Heroin & Helicopters” feels particularly timely, the record’s themes have been fixtures of Cope’s music since the release of his self-titled debut in 2002. That album was the culmination of years of pursuing his passion. Cope got his musical start in Washington, D.C., before moving to Brooklyn, where he wrote songs while supporting himself on the streets, buying and selling concert and sporting tickets with a cast of characters outside arenas and stadiums. His music spread from fan to fan via word of mouth, and over the course of time his songs have become the soundtrack of his fans’ lives.

The success of Cope’s music has always been a slow burn rather than a flash in the pan. His single “Let the Drummer Kick” eventually went platinum without any support from commercial radio. In 2004, Cope followed up his self-titled debut with “The Clarence Greenwood Recordings” on Arista Records. Though largely ignored by mainstream media, the grassroots swell of support kept sales rolling year after year, to the tune of 700,000 copies. Consistent sales helped opened the doors to film and television syncs with tracks appearing in “Entourage,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “Alpha Dog,” and more. Songs from the record would go on to be covered by everyone from Carlos Santana and Sheryl Crow to Richie Havens and Rhymefest. In the years that followed, Cope has headlined all 50 states and shared stages with superstars like Eric Clapton.

He cracked the Billboard 200 for the first time with 2006’s “Every Waking Moment,” and then launched his own label to release 2010’s “The Rainwater LP” and 2012’s “One Lovely Day,” his highest charting album to date.