Anthony Rodia performs Dec. 31 at the Bilheimer Capitol Theatre

CLEARWATER — Comedian and viral sensation Anthony Rodia will hit the stage for a special New Year’s Eve show Friday, Dec. 31, 7:30 p.m., at the Bilheimer Capitol Theatre, 405 Cleveland St., Clearwater.

Tickets start at $45. Visit www.rutheckerdhall.com or call 727-791-7400.

Known for his hilarious skits, song parodies, and his weekly "Road Rage Wednesday" featuring his popular character Uncle Vinny, Rodia has exploded onto the comedy scene out of nowhere, making quite a name for himself and building a large fan base through social media. Rodia is constantly writing new material and challenges himself to be funnier than he was yesterday. He is an energetic, theatrical, off-the-wall comedian who never holds back and always finds a way to relate to his audience.

“Making people laugh is something that I have been able to do since I was a child,” Rodia says on his official website. “I have always been able to find or create humor out of any situation. I am the same person on stage that I am off stage.”

Rodia says that “funny” is the only way he knows how to be.

“I am always thinking of new ways to get a laugh out of someone,” the comedian added. “The way I see it is, if I have you laughing — then at that moment, you are in a good mood. If you can make it to one of my shows, I guarantee that you will leave with stomach pains and tears in your eyes from laughter. Which is the way you should always exit a comedy show.”

Rodia is a first generation Italian-American comedian born and raised in Westchester, New York. He has always had a way of turning any situation into comedy.