Sophie B. Hawkins plays the Music4Life Center on May 27.

CLEARWATER — Sophie B. Hawkins will perform Saturday, May 27, 7 p.m., at the Music4Life Living Arts Center, 1204 Rogers St., Clearwater.

Tickets are $40. Visit wileyhouseconcerts.org.

Since the start of her musical journey, Hawkins has shown an uncompromising devotion to her singular truth, endlessly transcending boundaries and offering up new ways of experiencing the world around us. Rooted in Hawkins’ raw, poetic lyrics and captivating vocals, her 2022 single “Love Yourself” is an anthem for rising above negativity of all kinds and embracing absolute self-love.

A dynamic creative force known for a spellbinding live show that all but erases the divide between audience and performer, Hawkins hit the road last year, celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Tongues and Tails.” She will continue touring through late 2023, according to Mint Talent Group.

Hawkins emerged as a vibrant force on the musical landscape with the arrival of her platinum-selling debut album “Tongues and Tails,” and its lead single “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover.” She defied categorization and embraced her individuality by embodying a daring fluidity as a musician, working with some of the most creative jazz musicians of the era on her debut album. She also challenged the norms of gender expression and sexual orientation at a time when political, social, and sexual labels were more rigid.

Hawkins’ ever-evolving career has included releasing six widely beloved albums, breaking chart records with her smash hit “As I Lay Me Down,” releasing four worldwide singles from “Whaler,” and placing songs in cultural touchstone TV shows and films, such as “Stranger Things,” “Euphoria,” and “Ozark.”

Hawkins’ new album, “Free Myself,” was released in January.