Comedian Mark Cordes brings his one-man show to Capitol Theatre Aug. 17.

CLEARWATER — Mark Cordes will take the stage Saturday, Aug. 17, 7:30 p.m., at the Bilheimer Capitol Theatre, 405 Cleveland St., Clearwater.

Tickets start at $35. Call 727-791-7400 or visit www.atthecap.com.

Entertainment Events will present this evening with the “Spouse Whisperer.” Cordes — an award-winning comedian — delivers his critically acclaimed one-man show, a comedic journey that starts with “love at first sight” and presumably ends at “’til death do us part.” Cordes covers all of the funny stuff in between.

To submit questions to the “Spouse Whisperer,” email sonya@entertainmentevents.com. Do you need Cordes to settle once and for all who does the dishes? How long is too long to wait to have a date night? Cordes will answer questions live on stage.