The Attic welcomes singer-songwriter Michelle Malone.

TAMPA — Atlanta singer-songwriter Michelle Malone will perform Friday, Jan. 31, 8 p.m., at the Attic at Rock Brothers, 1510 E. Eighth Ave., Tampa.

Tickets start at $20. Doors will open at 7 p.m. For tickets, visit eventbrite.com. For venue information, call 813-241-0100.

Malone has had her share of success, courtesy of some 15 studio albums, her own independent SBS Records label, numerous top flight film and TV soundtracks, kudos from the critics and collaborations with a remarkable roster of amazing artists, among them, the late Gregg Allman, ZZ Top, Ellen DeGeneres and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Still, Malone isn’t content to simply acknowledge her accomplishments.

A singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer whose music is informed by blues, roadhouse rock and roll and Georgia soul, Malone’s stunning and 2018 album “Slings and Arrows” pushes the parameters even further. It’s upbeat, defiant, and jubilant, flush with the raw energy and emotion that’s always been a part of her signature sound all while nudging her deeper into some personal new territory she hasn’t explored before. Malone deals with issues that have been burned into her psyche and affected her deeply. These songs speak to desire and disappointment, optimism and awareness, all with a driving and fiery conviction.

“It wasn’t planned that way, but inevitably, that’s how the album evolved,” she said in a press release from Devious Planet. “The past year seemed to alternate between darkness and light. It’s kind of been the arc of my life in general, but even more so over the past year. In a very real sense, this album is a microcosm of issues that I’ve re-encountered, and in writing this record, it became a kind of therapy. It helped change my perspective, and I suspect that there are messages here that can offer affirmation to others as well.”

While it’s not a concept album in the strictest sense, “Slings and Arrows” does look at a myriad of scenarios from the perspective of the characters that populate these songs. It’s through their hardships that Malone draws parallels with situations she’s encountered in recent years with her friends and family. In that way, Malone offers both a connection and a catalyst for dealing with these universal difficulties.

Produced by Malone herself, recorded by Jeff Bakos and mixed and mastered by Gerry Hansen, “Slings and Arrows” finds her handling vocals, brandishing electric and acoustic guitars — including her signature slide guitar— as well as harp and mandolin, with additional support from guitarist Doug Kees, bassist Robbie Handley, drummer Christopher Burrows, percussionist Trish Land and special guests Shawn Mullins, Peter Stroud and Joey Huffman.