Jannus Live presents punk rock icons Dead Kennedys June 18.







ST. PETERSBURG — Genre defining American punk rock band Dead Kennedys will perform Saturday, June 18, at Jannus Live, 200 First Ave. N., St. Petersburg. 

Gates will open at 7 p.m. Tickets are $27 in advance. Call 727-565-0550 or visit www.jannuslive.com.

According to Manifesto Records, the band’s label, Dead Kennedys formed in the summer of 1978 in San Francisco. The original band lineup consisted of East Bay Ray on lead guitar, Klaus Flouride (Geoffrey Lyall) on bass, Jello Biafra (Eric Reed Boucher) on vocals, Ted (Bruce Slesinger) on drums and 6025 (Carlos Cadona) on rhythm guitar. 

Following local success, the band recorded “California Über Alles,” their first single, in 1979. The song attacked Jerry Brown, who was governor of California at the time. 

Followed by “Holiday in Cambodia” in 1980, the track brought recognition to the band, with its catchy lyrics and accompanying dark music. Having gotten the attention of both conservative religious groups and U.S. authorities, their shows began to feature a strong police presence. Despite this, the group went on to successfully tour North America, Europe and Australia. 

With their 1985 release “Frankenchrist,” vocalist Jello Biafra, was charged with “distributing harmful matter to minors,” which he fought on the basis of the First Amendment’s right to free speech. The charges were dismissed, but not before Dead Kennedys disbanded in January 1986. Dead Kennedys remain a quintessential of the American punk movement, helping to shape the questions we need to make about our government, religion, and society.