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Bait & Switch by the Vitale Bros.

ST. PETERSBURG — In these unprecedented times, the SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival is adapting to meet the challenges that St. Petersburg, and many cities around the globe, are facing. And now, more than ever, organizers recognize the critical need to nurture the arts, celebrate our reconnection to the environment and use art as a unifying force.

The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance will present this year’s SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival, running Nov. 7-14. The sixth annual SHINE Mural Festival will expand the partnership with PangeaSeed Foundation’s “Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans” program to present “Sea Walls: St. Petersburg.” Additionally, this year’s artist lineup will focus entirely on Florida-based artists with an emphasis on Tampa Bay artists to boost the organization’s support for the local community that is the backbone of the festival.

Building on last year’s mural collaboration with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, all 10 new murals will explore the interconnectedness of human health and environmental health as we navigate an ongoing global pandemic. The economic and social devastation experienced worldwide is juxtaposed with cleaner air, clearer waters and newfound focus on the importance of human and animal interaction.

As a coastal city, climate change and sea level rise are ongoing threats to the wellbeing of St. Petersburg. Beach tourism is an important part of the area’s economy and issues of storm surge, plastic pollutants, clean drinking water, harmful algae blooms and sustainable fisheries are important community education topics. Furthermore, intersectionality as it relates to environmental impact will be a focal point of this year’s event.

Other highlights of “Sea Walls St. Petersburg” include virtual events and a “Bright Spot” mural collaborating with local youth to educate and inspire. Visit https://www.facebook.com/shineonstpete for developing news.

The SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival is produced by the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance with the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs. Launched in 2012, SPAA functions as the umbrella for the arts and cultural community, providing education and resources, empowering artists and community alike. In eight years, the organization has grown in strength and stability, creating effective professional development, arts education, festivals, and events that generate arts economic development. For information, visit stpeteartsalliance.com.

PangeaSeed Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, originated in Hawaii with co-founders Tre’ Packard and Akira Biondo. The organization works at the intersection of culture and environmentalism to further the conservation of the oceans. Combining science, education, and art, PangeaSeed Foundation's mission is to empower individuals and communities to create meaningful, environmental change for oceans.

“Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans” is PangeaSeed Foundation's groundbreaking public art program that brings the oceans into the streets around the world. By collaborating with the world’s most renowned contemporary artists, they create large-scale public murals that address pressing environmental issues our oceans are facing. Through larger-than-life public art, “Sea Walls” fosters a sense of community, belonging, and environmental stewardship. Learn more at PangeaSeed.org.