ST. PETERSBURG — The Florida Holocaust Museum recently launched a virtual tour of the museum's permanent exhibition “History, Heritage and Hope.”

The virtual tour is now accessible online at

The FHM's core exhibition, “History, Heritage and Hope,” spans the first floor of the museum. Featuring original artifacts, videos, and photos, it presents the history of the Holocaust beginning with the history of antisemitism and life before World War II, followed by the rise of Hitler and the Nazis and anti-Jewish legislation. Timelines and primary sources shed light on the fate of Jewish victims forced into ghettos, as well as those murdered in mass shootings by the Nazis and their collaborators. There are panels dedicated to other victim groups, resistance, and rescue efforts as well.

The exhibition culminates with sections about concentration camps and killing centers and a boxcar of the type that was used during the Holocaust. The final area presented is “Lessons for Today,” where visitors learn about other genocides and acts of hatred occurring today.

This virtual exhibition is a collaboration between the Florida Holocaust Museum and the University of South Florida's Tampa Library and Department of History. The goal of the project is to bring the historical and educational resources and the visual experience of the museum's permanent exhibition to a wider audience and to preserve the content of the exhibition.

In addition to this new online resource, the FHM recently announced the launch of its new interactive weekly educational series. This series will run on the FHM's official Facebook page — – at 1 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. This is an interactive series and the FHM is encouraging the community to engage with the museum online and send in questions.

Those interested can also stay engaged with the museum online through FHM’s online curriculum, collections, Holocaust Survivor testimonies, and on its social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The Florida Holocaust Museum looks forward to announcing the reopening of the museum and rescheduling its programming. Visit for museum updates.