Council of North County Neighborhoods

Tim Lima, president of the Council of North County Neighborhoods board, led the group’s annual organizational meeting at the Harbor Hall in Palm Harbor on Monday, Jan. 21. The group, which is made up of more than 30 communities and 24,000 members, has been working on solving issues in north county since 2007.

PALM HARBOR — Traffic concerns, Penny for Pinellas uses and sidewalk repairs are among the topics the Council of North County Neighborhoods hopes to address this year.

Officials for the Council of North County Neighborhoods held their annual organizational meeting on Jan. 21 at the Harbor Hall in Palm Harbor.

“Our current priorities include traffic load concerns on East Lake and Keystone,” CNCN Board of Directors President Tim Lima said. “There has been a significant increase in traffic in the area, and solutions are needed.”

The allocation of Penny for Pinellas funds, additional sidewalk repairs and wildlife planning also topped their 2019 priorities list, Lima said.

“We’ve got some interesting public forums coming up, including one on coyote, hog and wildlife management at East Lake Woodlands on Feb. 25,” Lima said. “This is a great opportunity to have a dialog with community and county officials, and the more residents that come, the better.”

He noted that CNCN’s accomplishments in 2018 included repairing a crumbling sidewalk in Palm Harbor’s Carlyle subdivision, hosting monthly public forums, state legislator updates and county commission town halls, forming a partnership with the Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce; and organizing their annual Casino Night fundraiser.

“This year our Casino Night will benefit Sleep in Heavenly Peace,” Lima said of the Tarpon Springs based nonprofit that builds beds for kids in need.

Lima said the council’s mission is to be the neighborhood advocate for an unincorporated area of north Pinellas County, noting the coalition began in 2007 and is currently composed of more than 30 communities and roughly 24,000 members.

“We promote community and cooperation in the county, and we’re extremely connected to local nonprofits and community organizations,” he said.

Lima detailed some of CNCN’s accomplishments from the past year.

In addition to donating $2,000 to Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Lima said the council plans to donate $2,000 in scholarships; increase participation in its monthly public forums by 50 percent; participate in local events, including the East Lake Community Car Show and the Palm Harbor Holiday parade and continue membership growth and the organization’s great responsiveness to member issues.

After the brief meeting Lima, who was recovering from knee surgery and needed a small cart to get around, spoke about CNCN’s contributions to north county communities.

“When CNCN was founded, the purpose was to get the unincorporated neighborhoods together to resolve and solve issues,” he said, noting the board is made up of all volunteers, many whom are affiliated with other local organizations.

“As we’ve grown, it’s about having consistency with addressing issues and understanding you can’t get things done overnight. But we’ve made connections with local and state leaders, including (Pinellas County Commissioner) Dave Eggers. He’s been great. Often, it’s about contacting the right person in the city or the community to address the issue, and that’s what we’re trying to do,” he said.

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