Registration open for new golf tournament at Innisbrook

From left to right, David, Brian and Alex Stinson played together in the 2018 at the 3 Brothers Competition at the Kenmare Golf Club in the town of Kenmare in Ireland.

PALM HARBOR — Irish eyes will be smiling at an upcoming tournament at the Innisbrook Golf Club.

Alex Stinson enjoyed participating with family members in the 3 Brothers Golf Tournament in Ireland so much that he wants others to have the same experience at a similar event he’s bringing to the Innisbrook Golf Club.

“I have been going back to this tournament over the past 15 years and it’s great ‘craic’ as we would say in Ireland. Meet up with my family, play some golf, have some great food and drinks in the beautiful town of Kenmare, County Kerry, Ireland,” Stinson said. “Brothers come from all over the world to meet up and participate.”

Last year when the Tarpon Springs area resident went back to Ireland, there was a team of brothers who came from Australia to meet their long-lost family and play in the tournament.

The 3 Brothers Classic at Innisbrook will be held May 29-30. Teams consisting of three brothers will play an 18-hole handicapped competition on both days with the best two scores at each hole counted for the team.

The team with the highest point total will win the competition. All three team members must play both days.

Stinson, who runs a business that sells microchips and related products, said he doesn’t have any experience in running a tournament; that’s why he is happy to have Innisbrook run it.

“It’s such a wonderful atmosphere and such a great time, that I wanted to bring it over here to the United States so when I approached Innisbrook, they loved the idea,” he said. “It just the perfect place to host the event.”

The 3 Brothers Competition was started in September 1978 by a native of Kenmare, the late Frank O Connor, who emigrated to the United States and became a lawyer. He saw the event as a way to bring brothers back together once a year to enjoy golf and fellowship.

Stinson said he’s hoping to have about 40 teams participate in the local tournament. About 18 teams have committed to participating at this point, nine from Ireland.

The cost to participate is $300 per player and includes playing entry, polo shirt, goody bag and all prizes. Entry fee must be paid before booking a room. Once completed, participants will receive an email confirmation that they have paid their entry and then a second email notification that they may contact Innisbrook Golf Resort directly to book a room. All players must stay at Innisbrook Golf Resort.

To register and see the schedule visit

Stinson said he is a fair to middling player.

“I’m OK. I have my good days and bad days as we all do,” he said. “I just enjoy it when I do get to play.”

The winners of the 3 Brothers tournament in Ireland will participate in the event at Innisbrook.

He hopes to make the tournament an annual event as well as having one in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Groups of three friends can participate, but they won’t be allowed to win the top prize of playing in the tournament in Ireland; that goes to the best performance from a team of brothers.

“So I’ll send three brothers over to Ireland. It will be the air fare, and the hotel will be included,” he said. “I won’t be paying for their drinking, but I’ll be taking care of the other things for them.”