DUNEDIN — The orange barriers that the city has been using to allow for more outdoor dining along Main Street and other areas will be removed effective July 15.

City Manager Jennifer Bramley said she received an email saying that a visitor found the outdoor dining to be delightful.

"I don't disagree," she said, "but we need the parking."

The city is striving to provide as much parking spaces as possible, she said.

"We can certainly discuss outdoor dining with our businesses in the future. I'm not saying no. But at this point with some of the construction that we have coming online, we need to maintain those parking spaces to the best of our ability," she said.

In other matters pertaining to the pandemic, Bramley said that the city will continue Zoom and in-person meetings for all boards and the City Commission until July 1.

After July 1, all boards will be meeting in person, she said.