Moe Freaney

Moe Freaney

DUNEDIN — Commissioner Moe Freaney will hold Seat 1 for another four-year term because she is unopposed in the Nov. 3 general election.

Her opponent, Stacy Rush, dropped out of the race, saying she plans to sell her home and leave the county.

"I'm very humbled again to serve the citizens of Dunedin," Freaney said at the commission's Aug. 4 meeting.

She said it continues to be a labor of love to serve the city.

"Even though I don't have an opponent for the election, I will continue to fight for Dunedin every day," Freaney said.

Mayor Julie Ward Bujalski and City Commissioner Heather Gracy, who currently holds Seat 3, will vie for mayor in the election.

Former City Commissioner John Tornga and Mike Quill are running for Seat 3.