DUNEDIN — City commissioner Dec. 17 unanimously appropriated $19,000 for St Petersburg artist Catherine Woods to design a colorfully adorned PSTA bus shelter on Main Street in front of First United Methodist Church.

Lael Giebel, assistant to the city manager, explained the project named “Give Me Shelter” was initiated by Commissioner Deborah Kynes and the economic development department to highlight the corner of Main Street and Douglas Avenue in an artistic way. The project was guided and approved by a subcommittee of the city’s Arts & Culture Committee.

Expected to be completed in April, the PSTA bus stop will be adorned with several sections of circular architectural glass and embedded with colorful stainless steel shapes that depict themes representing Dunedin’s “iconic imagery. “

Giebel added circular discs in the sidewalk will be processed with paint that only reveal its color when it rains. The shelter will also have solar lighting and include a phone charging station.

CRA Director Bob Ironsmith told commissioners “this is exciting and shows collaboration with the art community.”

He said the CRA is giving a $20,000 contribution from its budget “to make this happen; It’s another example of the CRA improving the quality of life downtown.”

Ironsmith thanked the First United Methodist Church for “giving us the real state to do this, a little bit outside the right of way. We just widened the brick sidewalk (with) all new brick pavers; this whole area, which is now central Main Street, is being transformed. This is another example of the incremental elements, everyone working together to make it such a cool place.”

Commissioner Heather Gracy said “what a fun project; it just looks fun. Reminds me of making your own sunshine on a rainy day, making the best out of what a cloudy day might be.”

Commissioner Maureen Freaney said “I love this because we have a process; this shows how well it works and shows how much thought we are putting into the heart of our city.”