DUNEDIN — City officials are preparing to install two crosswalks at two intersections along Edgewater Drive.

City commissioners awarded an $82,380 bid June 2 for Augustine Construction of Tarpon Springs to install the crosswalks at the intersections of Florida and Orangewood avenues. City officials also will put decorative brick imprints in the crosswalks as part of the project.

The design and permitting of these two crosswalks were initiated to address the need for safety improvements due to the heavy vehicular traffic on Edgewater Drive. City officials want to help ensure that residents and visitors of the area can safely access John Grant Hubbard Park.

"I see people every night trying to cross," Commissioner Deborah Kynes said at the meeting. "It can really get dicey. So this is a wonderful thing."

The installation of brick street asphalt imprints at these crosswalks is expected to be undertaken following completion of the Florida Department of Transportation's repaving project of along Edgewater Drive. The state agency also has supplied the city with the Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons, a type of traffic-control device activated by pedestrians, for both of the crosswalk locations.

City officials say Augustine Construction has completed several projects in the city, most recently the crosswalk at the Fenway Hotel.

Their work has always been satisfactory and completed in a timely manner. Construction is scheduled to be completed no later than the end of July, city memos say.