DUNEDIN — It's considered a snoozer of a discussion topic, but ensuring that streets are paved is a basic function of local government.

City commissioners on Nov. 30 approved a $1.13 million bid for milling and paving of asphalt streets to Preferred Materials Inc. of Tampa.

The work will be funded by $309,868 in the city's gas tax fund and $820,253 in the sales tax fund.

"The fact we have doubled our budget for street paving shows our commitment to having quality neighborhoods," Mayor Julie Ward Bujalski said.

About five years ago, the city was spending less than $500,000 a year on street repaving, Bujalski said.

The city has about 115 miles of streets. Six to eight miles of those are brick and the rest are asphalt.

Consultants have driven every one of the streets.

"They visually ranked the streets' condition," said Bruce Wirth, a senior engineer for the city.

That was done in 2016.

Along those lines, Bujalski said Dunedin is a 100-year-old city and a lot of streets don't have gutters. She added that she thinks every street should have drainage fixtures.

Nevertheless, she said the "base of what we are here to do, we are doing it, and that's what I'm excited about," she said.

No citizens addressed the commission on the issue, prompting one official to say in jest "you have to wake them back up."