DUNEDIN — Two longtime seniors who have donated many hours to helping others in the community were honored by city commissioners June 1.

Betty Edelman and Kay Hartnett are this year's inductees to the Dunedin Senior Hall of Fame. The community has been recognizing seniors through the Hall of Fame sine 1999.

Sandi Sunter, chair of the Dunedin Committee on Aging, said many of the previous inductees are still volunteering and are active in the community.

"Many have passed on. Yet every year we do go ahead and try to remember those who have been in this honored position before," Sunter said at the commission meeting.

Edelman and Hartnett also will be honored Wednesday, June 30, at a noon ceremony at the Hale Center.

"When we look at who contributes to our community, you have to look at all those people who have been in the Hall of Fame, and you two now join a huge group of people who are amazing," said Commissioner Moe Freaney, the commission's liaison for the Hall of Fame.

Inductees for the Senior Hall of Fame can be male or females and must:

• Be 75 years of age or older

• Have at some time resided in Dunedin for 10 years or more

• Have demonstrated the art of aging successfully

• Have donated time and abilities to activities serving the community