CLEARWATER — Pinellas County commissioners gave unanimous approval April 9 to funding requests recommended by the Palm Harbor Community Services Agency.

Commissioners said yes to a request for $19,400 from CSA Palm Harbor for installation of acoustic wall panels, acoustic ceiling panels and other related expenses to address acoustical issues at Harbor Hall, which were identified by the county’s Real Estate Management Department.

Last year, CSA received $20,000 for flooring replacements at the Centre.

Palm Harbor Library received $20,000 for a library vehicle to increase its outreach services. In 2018, the library received $10,000 for public and office equipment.

According to information with the funding request, Palm Harbor Library would like to place more emphasis on the library being a “learning destination” and broaden its outreach services. The new vehicle, a 2019 Honda Pilot, would serve as a mobile technology center, a portable library at events and visits to schools, assisted living facilities, recreation centers and other similar venues.

East Lake Community Library got $20,000 for carpeting in its entryway, adult services collection and member services desk areas. Last year, the library received $12,000 for furnishing for its new Community Room.

According to the funding request, not all the furnishing and enhancements were funded for the library’s Phase I expansion project. New carpet was installed in the Children’s Room and Teen Room. Library staff would like to replace the old carpet in other areas.

East Lake Recreation received $20,000 to install two shade structures and bleachers at the Meadows. Last year, the organization received $11,000 for a water fountain/filling station at the Meadows.

The $20,000 would be used to install two sets of bleachers and two shade structures for the Meadows soccer fields. Currently, no shaded areas or bleachers are available for fans who want to watch the games. Staff believes addition of the bleachers and shade structures would add comfort for spectators and visitors.

Commissioner Dave Eggers, who represents north county, said he had asked PHCSA to delay funding requests until others that get money from the MSTU fund could make requests. MSTU stands for municipal services taxing unit. Residents of unincorporated Pinellas pay this tax to help provide services that city residents might receive.

After fulfilling PHCSA’s requests, about $386,000 would remain in the fund.

Suzette Porter is TBN’s Pinellas County editor. She can be reached at