Overprescribing medications is a well-known problem within the US health care system, that seems to surprisingly get very little attention. The mismanagement of medications contributes to over $528 billion dollars of wasted health care expenses, in addition to nearly 275,000 preventable deaths annually. Older adults accounts for nearly 12% of the United States’ population, but they consume nearly 30% of prescription drugs used within the United States, a figure that is estimated to grow to 40% by the year 2030. Prescriptions are literally killing American citizens, and our senior citizens are the ones who are most likely to suffer the worst from fatal drug interactions.

Unfortunately, my grandmother, Mildred, was one of these very same statistics, who had to be removed from her nursing home in NY to my parent’s home in Georgia. She suffered from dementia and it had only worsened once she was prescribed an antipsychotic medication, known as Ziprasidone. Her behavior became irritable, erratic, and even more confused while she was on this drug for months. My caregiver parents suffered in seeing her mental state decline, where she would wake up in the middle of the night and wander our neighborhood or wake my mom up to the ringing of our doorbell. It was not until a pharmacist stood up for her and found that she was prescribed a medication that was harmful and inappropriate, who demanded that the prescriber stop this medication. Thankfully, her symptoms subsided after having a pharmacist fight and advocate for Mildred, who has inspired me to do the same for all of my patients with GeriatRx.

As a pharmacist, I decided to take these matters into my own hands by founding GeriatRx, a health care consulting company focusing on Medication Management, prescription deprescribing, and gene testing to determine which medications will not work for you before taking a single pill! GeriatRx uses patient-centered methods that take the headache out of healthcare by providing cost-effective strategies to reduce harmful medications, and by empowering patients and caregivers on how to fight back against a broken health care system while saving thousands of dollars. In just our first year of launching we have saved our patients well over $150,000 in unnecessary health care expenses with our signature consulting service. GeriatRx works with your provider as a health care team, while you have your own personal pharmacist batting for you every step of the way. I never want any of my patients to experience what my grandmother, Mildred did, so let GeriatRx help you and loved ones get off of those medications today! You can schedule a FREE CONSULTATION online at GeriatRx. as.me or call 404-484-5092. Don’t wait for better health. Visit www.GeriatRx.org for more information.