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Yesterday and today: Vietnam veteran Reagh Neily poses with Audibel hearing aid specialist Robert Greiner, BC-HIS (far right), during a recent follow-up visit. Find your nearest Audibel at

Reagh Neily, 80, is committed to his country, love and art. Reagh (pronounced “Ray”) fought bravely in Vietnam, serving as an Army captain for two hours. After a total of 23 years of military service, he retired as lieutenant colonel.

Perhaps even more impressive, Reagh has been married to his wife for nearly 60 years. They fell head -over-heels for each other at a church party when Reagh was attending military college in South Carolina.

Around 50 years later, communication started to break down when his wife had a stroke. Although she recovered, she spoke softly after the incident. This, coupled with hearing loss Reagh likely obtained in combat, made it much more difficult for Reagh to hear his wife.

“I couldn’t hear anything she was saying. We had trouble maintaining conversations,” he recalled.

When his wife convinced him to go to a hearing screening, Reagh was humbled by his realization of how sharply his hearing had deteriorated, “: I could only repeat half of the words back to the specialist during the test,” he shared.

Reagh knew he had to take action. Fortunately, he saw a newspaper ad for Audibel, the only American- owned- and- operated hearing aid manufacturer in the world, and made an appointment.

During his initial consultation and examination at Audibel, a friendly hearing aid specialist conducted an audiometric test of Reagh’s ears, clearly explaining the results with a detailed audiogram. Reagh was then fitted with a pair of state- of-the-art wireless hearing aids, wearing them during a convenient 45-day trial period with weekly appointments so he could familiarize himself with the devices.

He remains ecstatic about the results.

“The hearing aids work very well, and my wide is happier that I can finally hear her,” Reagh beamed.

Now that Reagh has improved his hearing, he can get back to his favorite hobby as a digital artist. “I take candid photos of people and edit them on my computer. After changing various things about the photo, I print them out and give them to the subjects. They really seem to enjoy them.”

Like Reagh, you can improve your overall quality of life through better hearing. All 27 convenient Audibel Hearing Centers throughout Tampa Bay area offer a free hearing screening with no obligation, as well as a unique, no-risk 45-day trial on all hearing aids with a 100-percent refund if you’re unsatisfied with the results.

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