Re: New Trotter Road completion, Leader, July 18


The first time I drove up Trotter Road after completion the streets and sidewalks were so clean and nice to see. When I returned home that evening driving south, I noticed that there were a lot of new trees that were planted. I actually turned around and counted the number of trees that were new (plastic bag around base).

Not counting the eight palm trees that are at the stop sign at St. Patrick’s Church, there are 58 trees on the northeast side of Trotter Road and 30 trees on the southwest side. With the “new” drainage on the “new” road, why would you plant that many trees to have debris go down the drain? A lot of these trees are planted on personal property, so I guess the homeowner gets to trim and take care of them.

A total of 88 trees in less than a mile is a little excessive, don't you think?

The city of Largo can't keep up with the trees, shrubs and grass in the parks.

So please tell me why they keep planting and not hiring enough people to maintain the parks/streets.

Thank you so much for letting me “pop off”!

Jennett Whitworth, Largo