Re: The best-kept secret in Dunedin (April 14)

The letter writer’s suggestions regarding changes in proscribed traffic patterns on the Pinellas Trail are appreciated. I ride the Trail daily; the previous pattern invited confusion, bottlenecks and even accidents. 

Removing the striping was key. And for the most part it’s working. Tourists have switched over and so have many locals. But there is a hardheaded group of Trail users who simply are not going to do this, no matter what. These local Karens have been using the Trail since “long before you carpetbaggers got here!” and, by God, they are not falling for any newfangled ideas that will make using the Trail safer for all.

Let’s face it, these older locals will continue ignoring the new striping, the signage, being politely asked by Trail rangers to change course, and the obvious fact that all around them at certain chokepoints their obstinacy causes chaos. At least they will until they are run over by some e-biker who is following the rules.

Mike Schell