Yes, America will thrive because it will put on masks and do what is needed. We will end racism in our time. Donald Trump will lose this 2020 election by a landslide because the people will vote.

My father served in WWII delivering supplies to Gen. Patton. My mom was home raising my older brother, Skip. I served in the U.S. Army from May of 1968 to February of 1970, when I got an early out to help my dad with his landscaping business. In 1975, I graduated with an associate’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering technology. In 1977, I worked my first job in medical electronics, and in 2013, I retired from Peace River Regional Medical Center to live a quiet life.

The thing about people who work in hospitals is this: It’s a calling, a religion, a way of life. We want to save lives. We worry about our patients; we take problems seriously. In my profession, we educate and inform. We read the tech manuals and train the doctors and nurses on the correct use of all equipment. We are the guys that get called when whatever doesn’t work as expected. We must have integrity and trust.

My wife and I can be seen out and about in Largo. We will have on black shirts with the word “vote” on the front and back. Say hi. I am an African-American, Native American, German-American and Irish-American. We are friendly Democrats.

John Ousley, Largo