I’m a resident of Palm Harbor now over 15 years. My concern and dilemma is my recent blatant encounter with racism here in Ozona and Tarpon Springs as I walk twice daily.

I’m a 20-year retired Air Force veteran and so is my husband. Both of my kids are college graduates. Since the pandemic, I’ve refrained from going to the gym daily and instead walk for exercise. In March and again today, the N-word has been yelled at me from passing vehicles. I’m not sure if it’s due to the divisive political climate or my now increased visibility. The cowardliness of these male individuals will not deter nor sway my exercising my freedom and right, nor instill fear in me.

However, it’s painful because, yes, I’ve sacrificed and put my life on the line for these same individuals and their freedom.

It’s 2020! I’m not going anywhere. Individuals in the vehicle and parents witnessing this behavior should educate and correct this hate.

Avis Milton, Palm Harbor