We are so blessed to have miles of beautiful beaches to walk in our area.

However, there are more and more dogs on our beaches. There are signs saying “No Dogs” but these signs are on the back of the walkways so that you see them when exiting the beach, not entering it. This really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

I think you should post these signs both front and back, as people use this as an excuse (“Oh, I didn’t see the sign”) to walk their dogs on the beach. We do have dog-friendly beaches for people who just cannot bear to go to the beach without Fido. My daughter and son-in-law have a dog that they haul to the beach with them, but they map out the dog-friendly beaches and that is where they go. There are rules for a reason.

Some beachgoers have pet dander allergies, some dogs are not controlled by owners, and some dog owners are just too lazy to pick up where their dogs have pooped. The latter is starting to become more the norm. Yuck!

Maybe the city officials of our beach communities could have these signs posted both coming and going and issue citations to those who disobey, which could offset the cost of the signs, so we non-pet-friendly people could have our beaches back.

Janet Foster, Madeira Beach